Friday, 7 October 2016


So this week we aren't doing a documentary. It's also directed by just one woman not a male female directing team so i'm officially breaking that streak I kept going for two consecutive weeks! This ones a little bit infamous and I'm sure you'll all of heard of it, its.....

Dir: Susanne Bier
I have always had a fondness for films that have been through development hell. The ones whose director dropped out or whose studios decided to cut them into a genre at the last minute. They always have a strange and slightly weird honesty about them they stand there and go "yep, thats what happened" and you have to admire them for that. It doesn't always make them good (they often aren't) but it does give them some interest. This interest is what compelled me to watch the notoriously butchered and hidden Serena. A film that had been kicking about forever then finally thrown unceremoniously into the outside world. How could I resist?

The truth is this movie is not the train wreck it's painted to be. In fact it feels like a very very old 40'a era film rather than a new movie. Toby Jones puts in a very good performance. However it's biggest sin is that it seems to be totally plotless. Just a lot of misery and pretty people. But honestly this movie is no where near as bad as people say it is which I guess isn't the glowing endorsement I wanted it to be but hey we can't all get what we want.

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