Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Gatsby Crafting Challenge with Hapiness Wherever

I have wanted tot ell you guys about this forever! But finally I can!!! Back at the Blogger's Hangout summer event I met the lovely Zen from Hapiness Wherever who was doing a wirework session. We got to talking and I emailed to ask if she would be interested in a doing a collaboration with me. I was super nervous but decided that I really wanted to get back into crafting and that it would be fun. We decided to choose a film as a theme for our projects. The film chosen was Baz Lurhmann's 2013 masterpiece The Great Gatsby.
Click under the cut to see my project

I am not much of a crafter. I used to be quite good but things take time and I'm as inpatient as they come. So I decided I would do something useful, easy and didn't take seventeen years off my life!
This was the fruits of my labours

A Gatsby Quote trinket box!
To me "You can't Repeat the Past" has always been my favourite Gatsby quote. It sums up the story but it also sums up life. It's such a  great quote that I felt it deserved it's own box!
I have written up how to make this and included prices and such. It's relatively easy and inexpensive to do.

To Make this I needed
Bought specifically for this
 Wooden trinket box (big enough to fit the quote on)
 2 Wooden clock decorations (from a pack of 6)
Both of these items were from The Works and are £1 each. I got money off using their student discount.
Tools I already own
A glue gun
A pencil
Graphik Line Maker 0.3

1. Sketch out placement of clocks with your pencil
2. Write your quote in pencil. If it goes wrong erase it and go again!
3. Use your Graphik pen to go over your quote. Go over as many times as you need. Take a step back and have a good look to decide if your happy with it.
4. Glue on your clocks!
5. Admire your creation and turn off your glue gun
It's That Simple!!

I'm pretty proud of this as I said I haven't done anything crafty for quite a while!
It's now storing all my hairpins, clips etc. So it's useful as well

Find Zen at her blog HERE
You can find her half of the Gatsby Challenge HERE

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