Friday, 9 September 2016

52filmsbywomen- Week 36

Another period drama! Sorry guys but it seems I love a good historical peice more than I knew. Also ti can be really tricky to find some genre's of film directed by women on netflix. There happens to be a good little selection of Period Dramas plus they all tend to be times and histories I don't know much about which is a plus.

That brings us swiftly to....

Picture Bride
Dir: Kayo Hatta
This is a bit of history I knew nothing about. It's 1918, Riyo is a sixteen year old Japanese girl whose Aunt has sent a photo of her out to a matchmaker who pairs her up with a man in Hawaii on a sugarcane plantation. It's a really interesting bit of history and seeing Riyo trying desperately to adjust to the lies of her new husband and her new life in really interesting.
The standout part of this film is the badass friendship of Kana and Riyo. Honestly more of the film should have focused on their friendship!

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