Friday, 30 September 2016


Welp September's done. It seems to be a month of good TV with both the old (Red Dwarf XI which is proving to be a brilliant season) and the new (Designated Survivor which is brilliant).  Now come and catch up on all you missed with my Monthly roundup!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

52 Films by Women- Week 39

Firstly realised I had a numbering issue and has made a mistake all posts have been re-named to the correct number. We are on week 39 not on Week 40. I only realised this through letterboxd. It seems like I miss-numbered  Swallows and Amazons. Now everything is where it should be and that is all fixed.

Anyway on with the show. Todays film is another documentary (I know) co-directed by a man (I know) but unlike Indie Game this one is a Netflix Original. 
It is...

Audrie and Daisy
Dir: Bonni Cohen & Jon Shenk
Audrie and Daisy isn't the easiest watch, It's also very hard to write about. It's full of hard truths about the way people treat school and college aged sexual assault survivors. Watching the situation unfold after the hardships the girl endured and watching law enforcement do little to nothing I felt heartbroken. But I think it needs to be watched so people understand the true extent of the situation. 

Sunday, 25 September 2016


Raindance has been running for the last few days but as it keeps going I thought there would be some time to quickly tell you four unmissable films. Especially as I haven't seen much coverage I thought it might good to put out the names of some of the best looking films there.

Friday, 23 September 2016

52 Films by Women- Week 38

This week we are back to documentaries again! Don't judge me! The selection on Netflix is just really good at the moment.

Indie Game: the Movie
Dir: Lisanne Pajot & James Swirsky
This one I came across by accident on Netflix and became intrigued by it. Finally I had time to watch it this week and it was brilliant. Following three games (Braid, Fez and Super Meat Boy) you see them in all there guts and glory. It's not polishing these people at all in fact you see them as just that people. It's brilliant and I would recomend this documentary to everyone. We might just have a new documentary gold standard to beat on this challenge guys!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Gatsby Crafting Challenge with Hapiness Wherever

I have wanted tot ell you guys about this forever! But finally I can!!! Back at the Blogger's Hangout summer event I met the lovely Zen from Hapiness Wherever who was doing a wirework session. We got to talking and I emailed to ask if she would be interested in a doing a collaboration with me. I was super nervous but decided that I really wanted to get back into crafting and that it would be fun. We decided to choose a film as a theme for our projects. The film chosen was Baz Lurhmann's 2013 masterpiece The Great Gatsby.
Click under the cut to see my project

Monday, 19 September 2016

EMMYS 2016- Trophy Takers and Turkeys

The Emmy's were last night so time to dust off the old awards format and get to business
So here are my Surprises, Stars and Sads!

Thursday, 15 September 2016

52filmsbywomen- Week 37

This weeks is a family adventure with Kristen Dunst in it because i didn't want anything deathly serious today.

True Heart
Dir: Catherine Cyran
An adventure movie about two children who after a plane crash are stuck in a the woods being persued by poachers. They are saved by a Native named Khonanesta who is trying to protect the bears from the poachers. In all honesty this film would be perfect to plonk some mid aged kids down in front of as its a vaguely fun adventure movie. 
Don't actively seek it out but if its on give it a go it's quite fun.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Macha Cookies with a kick from T-Tox

Firstly I am a complete Tea heathen and my standard tea is a cup of PG or whatever is in the cupboard. I am in no way a tea expert.
Secondly I was at the blogger's summer hangout and thats where I was given these samples of the products. Being given the samples does not in any way change my opinions or influence me for more information on my disclaimers please check here.
With that out of the way let's head to the main bit!!

Friday, 9 September 2016

52filmsbywomen- Week 36

Another period drama! Sorry guys but it seems I love a good historical peice more than I knew. Also ti can be really tricky to find some genre's of film directed by women on netflix. There happens to be a good little selection of Period Dramas plus they all tend to be times and histories I don't know much about which is a plus.

That brings us swiftly to....

Picture Bride
Dir: Kayo Hatta
This is a bit of history I knew nothing about. It's 1918, Riyo is a sixteen year old Japanese girl whose Aunt has sent a photo of her out to a matchmaker who pairs her up with a man in Hawaii on a sugarcane plantation. It's a really interesting bit of history and seeing Riyo trying desperately to adjust to the lies of her new husband and her new life in really interesting.
The standout part of this film is the badass friendship of Kana and Riyo. Honestly more of the film should have focused on their friendship!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Primal Pantry- Yummy Caveman Food

So if you can cast your minds back all the way to THIS POST, you'll of heard of Primal Pantry already. I have a tonne more posts planned from that event but they were all hinged on something coming back that never did from someone so my schedule got knocked back completely. But now I can finally give them their on post as they deserve.
Products were supplied by The Primal Pantry however all views and opinions are my own. For more information on my policy please click here

Thursday, 1 September 2016

52filmsbywomen- WEEK 35

This week we go from family adventure to hard hitting documentary. What do these two things have in common? they both have lady directors!!

Ukraine is not a Brothel
Dir: Kitty Green
Back to documentaries again and this one has been on my radar for quite a while. Green seems to go right within Femen to see the patriarch (WHAT) running it. It;s bizarre and horrible and all the women seem to be trying to get rid of him. This is a bizarre, kinda scary and brilliant documentary about the ladies fighting for feminism whilst being lorded over by a scary as hell man.