Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Big Lebowski spinoff sounds gross

John Tutorro will be bringing back his iconic "The Big Lebowski " character Jesus for The Big Lebowski spinoff " Going Places" so why am I not excited? Find out under the cut

So let's back track to the cinematic majetsy that is the Coen Brother's The Big Lebowski. A film about who the hell knows starring Jeff Bridges as Jeff Lebowski otherwise known as "The Dude". It's brilliant, nutty and has a huge following.

 The Dude and his two friends Walter (A brilliant John Goodman) and Donny (Steve Buscemi) are huge bowling enthusiasts and are playing league bowling. One of their rivals is John Tuturro's character Jesus. Jesus wears a purple jumpsuit, a hairnet and is super fricking creepy. He also dances to a cover of Hotel California

Now if I was opposed to every film that had a creepy character in it I would be hypocrite and make a thousand types of bad decisions. I'm not at all. His scene in The Big Lebowski are hilarious but Jesus shouldn't get a spinoff and here's why.

He's a sex offender. It's mentioned in the film and proved to be true that he flashed an 8 year old is on the register and was in prison for 6 months.

 I fear that with a full movie this will be turned into a hideous joke rather than the serious it is. I don't feel comfortable paying money at the cinema to watch a movie where a sex offender is a loveable fool.

for more info on this ill-advised non coen brothers endorsed sequel click HERE

Anywho this was kinda rambly what do you think guys? will you see it? 

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