Wednesday, 3 August 2016

STAR TREK BEYOND: Boldly Going into Technicolor

This movie was an incredibly emotional experience for me.  It was really gun big technicolor adventure which felt incredibly Star Trek-y rather than just a generic space movie. This has to be one of the best three-quals I have watched in a while. Anyway lets discuss it further!

Beyond harks back to the original series throwing out JJ Abram's dark screenflare-y tinge and bringing big colors, strange aliens and a moral at the heart of it. Kirk is off soul searching and we are entranced by every second. A special treat is getting to see around the enterprise itself especially getting to see Scotty's tea machine and lovely cup and saucer selection! 

Simon Pegg and Doug Jung's script relies on a lot more fun including acidic sneezes and a good dose of the Beastie Boys. It's a lot lighter than the weighty Into Darkness and contains some real groundbreaking and fun set pieces that works perfectly with Justin Lin's fast directing style.

Spco and Bones had their friendship fleshed out and frankly it was glorious. The next movie could just be those too kinda snarking for two hours and I would be happy as larry. Quinto as usual is perfect as the new Spock and the way they handled Leonard Nimoy's death and actually made it part of Spock's narrative arc is definitely to be commended.  Urban as Bones is everything and he is perfect in every way. I will not hear a bad word against him.

It would be wrong at this point to not point out the sadness of seeing Anton Yelchin as Chekov for the last time. It was very clear in this one that they were setting him up for a greater role and the fact that he won't get it is utterly heartbreaking. I will be honest there were tears in my eyes at the end of the film when the memorials to Nimoy and Yelchin came up. I can't stress how much of a talent he was and how he elevated every film he was in. Space and Cinema has lost a real talent. I also felt the memorial to both him and Nimoy at the end was heartbreaking.

It would be remiss of me to mention as well the reveal of Sulu's family. I personally thought it was handled very well and can't help feel this year we have all been incredibly lucky. First we get the first pansexual superhero movie with Deadpool and then we get the first canonically gay crewman on the Enterprise.

We also got colorful new characters with villain Krall and badass warrior survivor Jaylah. Krall was the moral center and the reveal was truly heartbreaking and left field. Jaylah on the other hand is my new faviorite alien and Boutella was amazing as her. Hopefully she'll turn up back on the enterprise.

All in all Star Trek Beyond is a welcome turn around for the franchise. It's fun big and bold and just how Star Trek should be. The fourth one has already been confirmed with Chris Hemsworth returning as Kirk's father and I've already reserved my seat the cinema!

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