Monday, 25 July 2016

Ok guys but Dirk's Back

Guys he's back. He may not be Stephen Mangan but he's back! BBC America had released a trailer (which has now strangely been made private, WHY) for the brand spanking new Dirk Gently series for BBC America. Douglas Addams bizarre holistic pizza eating private eye is back on the small screen this time transported over to the US of A.  I have to be honest it looks perfect.
Now I know people are gonna be up in arms about this one but honestly it seems to embody the Douglas Addams spirit very very well it looks like its gonna go full nutcase and thats what Dirk Gently needs. The BBC's BBC 4 production which was brilliant suffered from being too close to Sherlock and being compared to it as Sherlocks quirky cousin. This seems to be rejecting it entirely with Todd (the new americanised Macduff) even saying "I'm not your Watson asshole" which may just be my new faviorite line. the Line to end all lines.

Stephen Mangan's series may have been cancelled far too soon but I'm so happy that Dirk gets another go at the small screen. I've missed him.
Anywho the best bit of course is who is in it! Guys we have Elijah Wood as Todd. I cannot deal with this information. Frodo is now solving holistic crimes with Dirk flipping Gently. Somebody hold me!!!

just one more look at him to calm you all down after that outburst. Wood is always good for quirky weird tv I mean he did Wilfred a show that was one of the best weird thins I have ever seen.

Anyway guys. It's coming to BBCA in October but hopefully we will get it at sometime too. The trailer is well worth a look if ou can find it somewhere.

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