Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Ghostbusters- HOW I LOVE THEE

I started writing this  literally after I just got back from seeing Ghostbusters and can I just tell you if you haven't seen it yet STOP READING,  RUN OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND GO SEE THE MOVIE. SUPPORT THIS PEICE OF PERFECTION IT IS A LIGHT IN A WORLD OF DARKNESS.

Right so lets assume you've done that on to the review!

In short form: this movie is probably one of the more important and best bits of fun movie making we've seen recently. 

In long form (with spoilers):
under the cut
It's been ages since I have written a proper review mainly because I just haven't been inspired lately but this film has kicked me out of my writer's block.

Hollywood has only gone and done it. They've made a perfect brilliant all women action comedy with genuine scares, all sorts of fun and an irritating MRA as their villain .Oh Hells yeah.

I don't think ever in my life I have been so pleased by whats been going on on the big screen in front of me. I have never got to see women who get to not only be funny, kinda gross and non sexualised like this in a 12A action movie. 

So let's talk about the badassery levels in this.
1.  We have my new queen and perfect human being Dr Jillian Holtzman (Kate McKinnon) who Paul Feig has confirmed should have been a lesbian if Sony had let them. But it didn't need confirmation because she is way too busy flirting with Erin (Kristen Wiig)
2. Leslie Jones as the amazing Patty. Her knowledge of history of New York and her genuine badassery was one of the breakout performances from this. She was my little brother's best ghostbuster which is a title to strive for! Although its not too surprising given who her uncle turns out to be!
3. Awesome friendships. Abby and Erin (Mellissa McCarthy and Wiig) start off no longer friends due to their differing career choices and by the end are back being the best friends ever. It was a proper fist bump moment if ever I saw one.
4. Sweet Sweet Kevin. The amount of amazingness Hemsworth puts into this it's so perfect. The perfect piss take of the stereotype. he was adorable as well even if he is thick as two short planks.
5. They call out Erin's gross behaviour. Seriously I've never seen something like that before and its badass!
6. MRA villain. the little weepy manbaby that is the villain is obviously a copy of the hateful remarks they got. Thats admirable and works really well.
7. Actual decent scares and jumps. They are really well done especially the beginning sequence.
basically the badassery in this movie is off the charts


There is of course one massive caveat. I fear there will not be a sequel and I fear the crap the cast and crew have and will continue to get for making this movie. The trailer became the most disliked on youtube and lets be honest it wasn't because of anything other than the fact that they were girl ghostbusters. Thats it thats the long and short of the matter. It feels like this movie has had to be a thousand times better than everything else out there for people to accept it and of course it will never meet those lofty heights. But I promise you that this film is one of the best and loveliest and one for the first time in my life that I felt I could be a hero too.

Ghostbusters isn't just an amazing film it's a statement that women  can be just as heroic and amazing as men. They can make mistakes, design weapons and make fart jokes just like men and if anyone has a problem with it go talk to the ghostbusters. although I think you may end up stuck in a ghost trap if you upset them!
and thats what makes them so amazing!

I have never felt happier to be in a cinema surrounded by people just as excited as I was. But more importantly to see people laugh at jokes told by the four most amazing female comics America has. This movie will change things I am sure of it!


  1. I'm so glad to see such a positive review. Personally I didn't enjoy it all that much and felt it could of been much better but I did think there were some really funny bits and I liked the little easter eggs in there. I'm so pleased to see it do well though and definitely think it's good enough to shut down the sexist bigots who pre-judged it. I really hope it does well, great review xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Hi. Can i just say its amazing to see another girl blogger around who reviews movies. I don't see many of us around. and thanks for commenting!