Friday, 15 July 2016


So as you guys know I went to the Blogger's Hangout Summer Party (reminder here) w while ago and because i'm a well adjusted human being I completely freaked out at the responsibility and have barely posted since. but now I have finally got over that little identity crisis and am here to bring you a post of beefy bits. Don't say I'm not generous!
oh and by the way lets try and hold back on the meat puns and innuendos shall we! We have to pretend we are adults after all

So when you think of protein and workout foods you probably think of this
and insanely healthy and gross smoothies and other disgustingly fitness-y stuff I simply don't understand.  Don't get me wrong I exercise and stuff but the whole fitness world seems like a completely different universe. 

So you can understand why I was a little perplexed but super into the idea of Beefit. Basically just Biltong the most heavenly food stuff of all time. A tonne of meat dried out with pepper on it.

 I got to talking with one of the guys from Beefit at the Blogger's Hangout event who kindly gave me a few bags for review. I got two of the original Beefit and one peri-peri. I'm not reviewing the Peri-Peri because my dads South African friend wants to try it and he's away at the moment. 

So how do you review  stuff like this? well in my case you throw Jack Reacher on and eat it with your dad. It worked.  So here are me and my dad's thoughts

No I didn't take photos of the bag we ate because I forgot. This is a no judge zone.

Taste wise It is delicious. Meaty, peppery and really really moreish. Frankly the bags are tiny and that is a travesty because you will want so much more than just 35g! But hey it's always good to leave them wanting more!!

It's interesting because whenever I have had Biltong it's been in much bigger chunks than this which made this probably seem smaller than it was. It was more like flakes than slices. Still amazing though.
If you were wondering about my Dad's opinions he said he liked it but they bits were small and that it wasn't peppery enough. But thats just my dad.

Anyway even if i'm still slightly dubious about it being work out based I have to say I love Beefit Biltong. It's really tasty and I swear I could eat a tonne of it in one sitting!

Beefit can be found here

* I was given the products by Beefit. This has not in anyway influenced my review if you want to see more of my policy on this please click here.

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