Wednesday, 27 July 2016

52 Films by Women- Week 30

Another comedy. Two in a row. This one technically is more of a comedy drama though so you know. Boy you guys must be feeling lucky!! 

Lucky Them
Dir: Megan Griffiths
This one was out of complete nowhere just a quick look around on BBC Iplayer. The blurb sounded interesting so I googled it found out it was directed by a woman and bobs your uncle it's on the list!!! This one is one of those ones that must have slipped through the cracks. Toni Collette plays a a fading music journalist in a dying industry who is told by her boss she must discover what happened to a lost music legend who is assumed to be dead. It just so happens that this guy was her ex. The breakout performance for me though wasn't Collete who was perfect as usual but Thomas Haden Church as Charlie the rich guy turned aspiring film maker who gets caught in the ride. This movie is all about letting go and moving on and it is really captivating because of that. Also there is a cameo that I did not expect that I will not spoil.

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