Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Best Announcements to come out of E3

So if you weren't aware E3 the big gaming event was this week. Tonnes and tonnes of cool stuff was demonstrated and announced. So how to keep track?
Here are 8 of my pick of the trailers to get you started!

So What do you fancy?
Take your Pick.

The Superhero One
Injustice 2
Sure theres another Batman Arkham game and a  spiderman game on the way but it was Injustice 2 that caught my and everyone elses eye. The trailer may just be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I am weeping happy tears also some pretty sweet armour is in it. This will be one intense beat em up.

The Goth One

From the creators of "Life is Strange" Vampyr is a bloody gothic Victorian nightmare where you play as a doctor and former soldier who makes some tough decisions. Everything you do affects what happens around you. It looks really really good.

The Oddball one
We Happy Few
We Happy Few has been on my radar for quite a while now. It has the Kubrick's Clockwork Orange sensibility down to a tee and looks fun to boot. This may just be one of my most anticipated games from E3 for style alone.

The Arty One

This one is also gorgeous but slightly sinister. It's a balletic fantasy puzzle game and it looks outstanding. Theres just a hint of the American McGee's Alice series to it that intrigues me.

The Weird and Creepy One
Death Stranding
Just watching the trailer for this is like cooking your brain in the best way possible. It's creepy and very very pretty also giving me The Revenants vibes. anyone else? Also bonus for any trailer that includes a naked Norman Reedus. Basically this game is a winner.

The Beautiful One
Only One
Kanye West's video game (Yeah I know) looks like its going to be so gorgeous. Following West's mother on her route to heaven this looks like it may become a cult hit if it doesn't do well anywhere else.

The Kids One
Skylanders: Imaginators
So this one will be a hoot. I know some people aren't pro-Skylanders and actively hate the fact you buy your characters but I have always loved the franchise. It's fun and doesn't take it self too seriously.  This time around Crash Bandicoot is coming to Skylands and you can design your own character, This couldn't come out too soon for me!

The WildCard

This is one that wasn't even on my radar but the trailer just blew me away. It's so pretty, purple and features mythical creatures. I want the main character on a T-Shirt btw.

So that was my Roundup of E3. What did you see that you liked? Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments guys!

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