Thursday, 30 June 2016


So guys I was keeping this under wraps but I was invited to the first day of the Blogger's Hangout summer event and it was such a blast!
This post is all about it. FULL DISCLAIMER a lot of the products I got given will be having full reviews later on but obviously I can't review a hundred and six things at once so give me time!
So on with the show!

It was at the Strand Gallery in Ol' London Town! If you were wondering the gallery is guarded by these two fellas. I have never felt safer in my life! 
This was my first bloggers only event so I was super nervous but I met some amazing people outside that convinced me to go and have fun! There was a tonne there and its super overwhelming so this is mainly just a rundown of the cool stuff there.

The first brand I talked to as soon as I got in was the team from REGENERATE.
Regenerate is a type of enamel rebuilding toothpaste and mask treatment. The Pr lady was telling me all about how it works and even though it sounds super science-y I have to say it sounds impressive!I have never heard or seen anything else like this before. As It is quite an odd item I plan on reviewing this fully.

Then I came to the magical whimsy land of Sass and Belle
look at all this cute stuff! It's so adorable and there was so much of it! I was talking with them and they were saying they'd just had to move warehouses to accomodate it all! I'm not surprised.
I got given this gorgeous goody bag from them filled with adorable and useful objects. Including From L-R a parrot nail file, Pen, Watermelon drinking glass, notebook and a cat folding bag. All so cute and I'll get a tonne of use out of them!

Next up there was an array of beautiful colours at Bhavna's Be Love Life stall
These are from their diffusion range Be Love Life. Me and their co-founder Bhavna Risi had a long conversation about social media presence and working accounts like that which is something I used to do so that was really fun!

Then there was Alfred and Wilde which SPOILER ALERT you'll hear more of soon!
so no pics yet!!

Anyway away from mystery world to green stuff! It's T-Tox!!
This stuff is called Matcha which I had heard of but thought would taste a bit gross! it actually didn't!! It tastes really refreshing the one on the left was made with coconut water and it was so good! 
I got two vials of the stuff so i'm gonna give it a go and give you guys a review here! so watch this space.

Then from healthy tea to literal beef bits it was Biltong Company Beefit!
I have eaten quite a lot of Biltong so I was quite skeptical but it tastes amazing! I'm gonna review this later on too hopefully with a special guest but maybe not! so i'll hang back on details

Then there was Perk which I personally didn't visit because I'm incredibly screamish but I saw a lot of people use it and enjoy it so each to there own.

Then literal magic was taking place at Faust's potions
Using victorian apocathary methods to cure hangovers. I mean what other form of magic could be more useful than this. It also tasted like melted sweets which is a plus!
It was lucky they had a hangover stall next to the bar though!

The bar was run by Cocktailmania Uk 
It had an interesting quirk you had to tweet them to get your drink and because I live in the matrix I used my technology wisely and ordered myself a blue drink!
This my friends is my new baby!
It's the Blue Wray! 
It's blue raspberry slushy laced with Wray and Nephew rum and this thing is fricking delicious! I coulda drunk the entire container no lies! Also I may have to buy some Wray and Nephew just for..reasons.

Then because I now apparently have a reputation as the cereal bar queen. I met the amazing Primal Pantry girls who gave me a whole box of delicious goodies which I'll be reviewing soon.
So you've already guessed that I will be diving into this box of goodies super soon.

Now Down the stairs there was a whole tonne of stuff too!
IT NEVER ENDS! It's like a magic maze!
Downstairs was super awesome and hands on!

There was the lovely Hapinesswherever blogger who reminded me how to do wire work

This is my finished lowercase b by the way I am so proud of it

Also down stairs was the amazing Blogoshere mag girls!

There was also the saints of Pink Parcel who were making everyones day a little bit brighter!
It was a pick and mix your own Pink Parcel!
I got an OPI nail varnish in Chillin' Like a Villain, A Bellepierre item, Palmers body lotion, fudge and some tea!
I got a cute as hell totebag. pick and mix stuff, a handy bag of tampons and some jelly sweets.I've already eaten the fudge and it is delicious!

Sweets from Oh! Crumbs! They were so yummy!

And last but not least the amazing people at Perfect 10: Black Label that I went to with my new friend Priscillia
Look how amazing my hair looked!
Amazing right! There are other photos but I look so damn dorky that this is the best one!

So that was my day at Blogger's Hangout! It was amazing!!
A big thank you to The Blogger's Hangout guy for making my first time at a blogger's event so badass!

Also a big thank you to all the lovely people there it was brilliant!

so that was my day! 


  1. So many goodies, the place looks amazing! I love the Sass and Belle range, it's so cute x

    Tamz |

    1. thanks
      and trust me that range is even cuter in person!!!