Thursday, 30 June 2016


It's been a very on-off month. For all the good that happened we lost the incredible talent of Anton Yelchin and  had Brexit. But Keanu Reeves turned up at parliament so I feel like we are safe!
come under the cut for my June Roundup of all the excellence I could find this month


So guys I was keeping this under wraps but I was invited to the first day of the Blogger's Hangout summer event and it was such a blast!
This post is all about it. FULL DISCLAIMER a lot of the products I got given will be having full reviews later on but obviously I can't review a hundred and six things at once so give me time!
So on with the show!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

52 Films by Women- Week 25

This weeks one wasn't the planned one. I generally have them lined up on my netflix list but decided to break it when I heard the tragic news about Anton Yelchin. So this weeks is the second movie I ever saw him in.
This weeks movie is...

The Beaver
Dir: Jodie Foster
This film is supremely underrated. Mel Gibson is a hateful person but a very talented actor and whilst those two things can be hard to have written next to each other in this movie he proves it. He is Walter a depressed man that lets a Beaver puppet take over his life whilst his family hand everyone else have to deal with the consequences. Yelchin puts in an incredible performance as does Jennifer Lawrence. This film reads a bit like a strange fable and it is really worth a watch. 

Yelchin was one of those actors who reminded me a lot of Tom Hanks . He would have gone on to amazing things and his death was tragic and heartbreaking. I first saw him in the Fright Night remake which I loved and then in the movie we are talking about above and then in Star Trek. He never put in a bad performance. It will be sad to see him in Star Trek Beyond knowing that will be his last time as Chekov. May he rest in peace

Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Best Announcements to come out of E3

So if you weren't aware E3 the big gaming event was this week. Tonnes and tonnes of cool stuff was demonstrated and announced. So how to keep track?
Here are 8 of my pick of the trailers to get you started!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

52 Films by Women- Week 24

So this week we move away from serious documentaries to a British comedy that I recorded off Film 4 to watch. By the way guys Film 4 is always pretty good with movies if you look especially British ones that may have fallen off your radar.
So this weeks movie is...

Powder Room
Dir: M.J Delaney
Now this is something you don't see everyday a unflinching kinda gross women's comedy that frankly knocks Bridesmaids into a cocked hat. Sheridan Smith and the other leads are brilliant. Jaime Winstone puts in a hell of a brilliant performance. Really Worth a watch also it's super short so it won't take much time at all!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

52 films by women- Week 23

So from the niceness of Big to a hard hitting documentary.  As the subject matter is serious and very important there will be no gif reaction this week. Next week we will be back to normal I promise

An Open Secret
Dir: Amy Berg
Recently the topic of child abuse in Hollywood has been back in the press with comments from former child stars Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman. In 2014 there was a documentary about it which after finding a copy I thought I would watch and as it's directed by Amy Berg contributed for the 52films challenge. I will first say its not the best documentary I thought bits of it weren't very well done but the message is clear. This isn't a documentary for the faint of heart but is one with a very important goal.

so guys what should I watch next? Any films directed by women you've found interesting? let me know?

Friday, 3 June 2016

52 films by women- Week 22

It's another kids film as this was the last day of Half term./ Once again picked with my little brother and as a vague special guest his friend. they were having a sleepover and needed a movie to watch!
So what did they pick...

Dir: Penny Marshall
Perfect movie!
One thing Big doesn't do is skimp on the fun. It shows a world where the adults have forgotten where the fun is in the ordinary and the one guy who shows them it and that is beautiful. It's also silly, emotive and a really good watch. The kids were kinda surprised by how hideous a ton of the clothes were though! But basically this film is a perfect family movie it's silly but with a big heart and it reminded me how much I loved it!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

No Nasties with TOTM

So this one post is kinda different than my standard stuff although I have been branching out lately but it's all about lifestyle going organic and the brand ToTM that gifted me and gave the information for this post. More info on that at the bottom of the page.
So without further ado
Let's Begin