Sunday, 17 April 2016

Work Experience Talk with the Dinosaur

So guys I know far too many young people about to run into work experience without a lot of research so I thought I would do this handy-dandy post on Work Experience. Now I did this a few years ago but honestly the info is still valid. This is completely inspired by Pumble's post about what she learned on Work Experience check it here

It's in Q+A form mostly and Under the Cut!

1.  How do I get Work Experience?
there are tonnes of different ways to get a work experience post. Mine was just by asking the nearby shop. Some schools actually give you directories of places that accept work experience. Also don't be upset if you get turned down an awful lot of people apply especially in the summer months.

2. What do you get out of it?
You probably got told the whole good work ethic mumbo jumbo and I guess in a way you do but more importantly your CV will thank you for it! If you can't get a job or want to get in a competitive industry work experience is the only way to standout. it sucks but its true.

3. Outfit Ideas?
Now this one is easier. Mine wanted smart casual so I made a little mood board for you guys of ideas of what to wear to get you started.

4. So what was your experience?
I'm not gonna document it all down here as it was mostly positive. However I learnt a couple of things.
a. Remember to take a lunch break
b.  don't hide your mistakes. if you are confused ask for help. research before you do a placement you might found like i did the place i worked at had a reputation. only I found out after

5. Finally what was the worst bit?

oooh easily getting called into the managers office because I was talking too colloquially. I got a formal lecture on how to speak properly. it sucked.

Anyway so thats all I have for you guys!
Hope it's helpful and happy work experience placement finding!

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