Friday, 29 April 2016

Nailing it with Dinkibelle

So guys this post is super exciting! I recently got gifted by Dinkibelle these amazing nail wraps and I thought I'd do a little blog post about them!
warning picture heavy guys!
So The type I got sent was called Country Rose. They are really gorgeous and pretty great for spring.
So firstly I thought I'd do a run down on how they are to apply
So in this picture is everything you need to apply the Dinkibelle's. 
Also in this picture is my nails before I took off my nail varnish (for those wondering it's Miss Sporty Gel Shine in It's not my Name) I had ket it on for ages and it was looking really gross.

So here is a better picture of what you need.
From L toR
1. Obviously the nail wraps!
2. A top coat that is not fast drying. Fast drying ruins the wraps so I used Maybelline's Dr Rescue as suggested
3.Some cotton wool pads for your nail varnish remover
4.The instructions. these are actually super good so actually read them! Especially if it's your first go with nail wraps like it was for me.
5.A nail file
6. some scissors
7. Nail Varnish remover

So this is my thumb before cutting it down. It looks really weird and before you put the top coat on them feels a bit odd too! I found a really good method was to bend the  excess Dinkibelle around your finger you are applying it too and you get a better fit. then of course cute off the excess.

Another Tip don't worry if you get some that is too long or too wide on the nail. Gel coat them then peel the excess off it works really well.

One more tip if a bit come off or starts too peel off tack it back with more gel. i did it once when i ripped a bit detangling my hair in the shower and it stuck back on really quickly. 

So for a first go I think they look pretty hot!
the little finger is a mess but hey no one looks there anyway!!! They looked a tonne better once I put the top coat on.
See what I mean!!

Overall I really like them! I think they look cute as pie and they are easy to apply even if you like me have a disability and hand tremors. Also I put them on on sunday and they still look fantastic now how great is that.

Dinkibelle's website is here

This product was gifted to me by Dinkibelle but that did not in anyway influence my opinions. please click the page entitled Contact the dinosaur and Disclaimers for more information.

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