Thursday, 31 March 2016

H&M Lipstick Review- getting Girly with Beth

Yeah Guys I'm making like Elle Woods this week. I have a tonne of film reviews for you but I wanted to do something different and I needed some new lipstick and bought one from H&M. Here is my review under the cut.

Firstly and this is just me being picky but I hate the silver tube plastic. It feels cheap and nasty and so flimsy and is the worst thing about this product.  The outer packaging is gorgeous and I love the pink on the bottom of the tube. It looks so nice.
pink fool on my pasty skin

Now onto the important stuff. This color is called Pink Fool it cost £3.99. It last pretty well about 3 hours without eating. If you do eat you'll need to top up though. The smell is pretty nice kinda like talcum powder.

The thing is I tend to find the Makeup Revolution lipsticks both longer lasting and better quality and for a pound I'd rather buy them than this. So whilst H&M's lipstick is ok I don't think I'll be going back.

anyway thats my first beauty review, what do you guys think? should I do more of these?

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