Thursday, 31 March 2016

MARCH is over!

So March has been a bit crap for me but hey it's over now!
Without firther a do heres my monthly roundup!

H&M Lipstick Review- getting Girly with Beth

Yeah Guys I'm making like Elle Woods this week. I have a tonne of film reviews for you but I wanted to do something different and I needed some new lipstick and bought one from H&M. Here is my review under the cut.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


So on Week 13 I chose a film all about bad luck. Coincidence? I THINK NOT
Anyway this weeks is a Spanish film and the second foreign film I have done on this challenge.

Ahora O Nunca
Dir: Maria Rippoll
This fun Spanish comedy about a wedding going awfully wrong before it even starts is perfect for those who love the work of Paul Feig. The men's bits drag but the girls keep the story flowing nicely. This is a fun cheery movie that will make even the biggest of sourpusses smile and giggle like a baby. Give it a try or Seis will kick you in the balls!

So any other foreign movies directed by women I should try out?
any plans for next week? let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Staying firmly stuck in the past. This weeks is cult classic comedy.....
Wayne's World
Dir: Penelope Spheeris
so I admit I was sceptical. Mainly because I'm not worlds biggest Mike Myers fan at all. He bores the living hell out of me. But on the other hand I love me a buddy comedy. So is this movie better than the gold standard of the genre Bill and Ted? No. Does it make it bad? no. This is a fun movie and I enjoyed it. 

anyway more content will arrive on here soon but everything is a bit crappy at the moment. 

so what is next guys? any suggestions?

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

52 Films by Women: Week 11

sorry for the sparse blogging. it's all been very tricky lately and I hope to catch up soon. Anyway this week prepare to dive back to the 80's for the movie with Madonna in a cool jacket!

Desperately Seeking Susan
Dir: Susan Seidelman
don't write this off as a star vehicle rom-com because it is so much better than that. Frankly this film is everything. Badass women doing badass themes, they team up together and no one ends up with the gross husband which is good because I despised him. Watch this movie it is so fun!

what's next guys? tell me in the comments

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

52 Films by Women- Week 10

A far cry from last week's cult classic I'm back i documentary mode for something just as old but doubly more stylish!

Advanced Style
Dir: Lina Plioplyte

Now this one was a serious surprise I was expecting some fluffy light hearted fun but instead I got a heartfelt documentary with a surprising amount of emotional heft. Following Ari Smith Cohen and his merry band of stylish pensioners through their lives, their jobs, their age , problems and a trip to fashion week. It's a truly affecting documentary.

so any recs for next week?
let me know!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


So Today is International Women's Day so I thought I'd do a big happy monday style link jamboree!

1. Fargo is 20
The movie that spawned my favourite female character of all time Marge Gunderson is officially 20 years old! Let's all celebrate by being extra nice to each other and eating hotdish!
Full Story available at Collider HERE

2. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy speaks out
2 time oscar winner Obaid-Chinoy spoke out about how banning honor killings is just the start in Pakistan. 
Read her article on Women in the World HERE

3. Bjork is fighting to save national parks in Iceland

new online magazine Bloggeration writes all about what it means to love yourself 
read it HERE

5. Take part in a massive survey
take part in the biggest UK women's survey over here

1. Hello Giggles shows us 14 inspirational women of the internet HERE
2. Huff Post tells us of 11 inventions we wouldn't have without women HERE
3. Dazed wonders if Power dressing is dead HERE

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


So we are back and this time we are in the 80's for big hair and lots of weed in....

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Dir: Amy Heckerling
This was an odd one as I have seen an awful lot of the films that have taken from this but never actually seen the source. Seriously I have been living in the Matrix land of this movie and not knowing it's weird. Anyway because of that during the beginning of this movie I couldn't shake the feeling that I had watched this so many times before until about 20 minutes in when I was suddenly enthralled with it. Jennifer Jason Leigh is definitely the stand out in this and also my beauty goals for this year. Also nice to see Sean Penn playing what appears to be Bill and Ted's bastard love child (seriously I couldn't shake the fact that he looked like Keanu and Alex Winter combined). Anyway if you love american high school movies this is a really good example of the genre and genuinely funny to boot.

So what's next?? 
Any good recs? 

what have you been watching??