Thursday, 18 February 2016

L'Etoile or GO SEE A OPERA

So if you like me stay up late at night on more nights watching Dave, you may watch a tonne of Mock the Week. If you watch the older ones you may notice a scrawny little skinny bloke with uncontrollable hair who my mum may or may not have had a small crush on. Anywho he, Chris Addison is currently starring in a three part opera called L'Etoile and it is fantastic!!
image cred: Bill Cooper
Anyway explaining the plot is near impossible so i'm going to allow the lovely Chris Addison and Jean-Luc Vincent to give it a jolly good try.

Anywho it breaks its own fourth wall. It dabbled mercilessly with Monty Python style imagery and razor sharp humour and adds in enough modern twists to make it topical too. Also there is a just lovely gag about the queen and some lovely subtitles gags. It's a really great piece entertainment and I feel incredibly lucky that me and my mum managed to snag tickets!

Anyway all of this beautifully strange oddness is brought to life by the extremely talented director Mariame Clement (yep, female director guys! one more reason to go see it!!) whose ingenious way of staging it and the addition of the characters Smith and Dupont make it even more fun!
Chris Addison has been saying that the opera isn't posh and he is completely right. It doesn't need to be. Anyone should be able to go and the misconception that it's expensive is wrong. Royal Opera House had tickets selling from £6 for this performance. The ENO does a similar offer.

Anyway this wasn't really so much of a review as a mix of praise and rant but hey I gave it a good shot!

Ok so the bad news is that as of Friday there will only be two performances left of L'Etoile so you'll have to see online if there are any tickets left. But most importantly if you do go, see if they ever find poor Smith's hat!

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