Monday, 29 February 2016


We are back for my second month round up! I am still sorting out what these are going to entail so if you want anything in particular featured here let me know!
anyway click below for the full roundup! 

Best Movie Seen
Seriously the best big name superhero movie. I cannot wait to review this for you guys but this month has been a bit tricky and I just haven't had time! But seriously if you are looking for a sign to see this movie this is it!

Prettiest Thing
This gorgeous rose I got for Valentines Day. Much love to my secret admirer!!
if you wanna know the way to my heart just assume it is always flowers!

Thankful Thought
Leo finally won an oscar so I can get off my backside and get stuff done too!!
Oh Leo I am always thankful for you!

Bonus Pretty
two this month because its a leap year!
Moschino's badass chandelier frock form their newest runway show and Hyuna and Deadpool making sweet sweet pasta together!

Things to Watch and See
 Important links to longreads and other cool junk found on the internet
This month it is all readables
1. The Kernel investigated the supportive world of QVC Addiction Support Groups HERE
2. Janet Mock's inspiring handwritten letter for The Provocateur HERE
3.Over on Motto Christina Tossi talks about the importance of Failure HERE
4. Goop interviews Adam Grant about the key to Creative Thinking HERE
5.Susie Dent talks about lewd makeup names at Standard Issue HERE
6. XOVain tells us how to get the haircut you want HERE
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Blog of the Month
This blog has some of the yummiest looking recipes in existence plus a gorgeous writing style to boot! 

So onwards and upwards to March! expect the Deadpool review, life crap and hopefully some recipes and other crud too:)


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