Monday, 8 February 2016

A Monday Melange

Hi guys so I like to keep a vague list of fun upcoming things for Mondays going on a semi regualr basis to keep everyone cheery and bright, So here is this weeks Monday Melange to put smiles on your little faces!!

1. Deadpool is treating us!
TWO POST CREDIT SCENES GUYS!!! TWO. It's the best!!! I am just so grateful right now thank you lord.

2. Vogue is 100 years old!!
enjoy my collage of my fave vogue covers btw
I know right 100 years old and yet never out of style. I may not be a massive reader but I think that is very very cool. So happy centenary Vogue!!
they are having a exhibition over at the National Portrait Gallery so don't miss it! HERE

3. The Fashion Law dissects PopSugar's illadvised Article!
If you are in the mood for a long read this week may I bring you this interesting and well thought out rebuttal to an article praising the idea stealing used in Fast Fashion. It's well written and filled with tonnes of examples. I loved it and you will too.
Read it HERE

4. the 5th Bourne movie has a name and a trailer
Titles Jason Bourne, it;s looking as good as the other Matt Damon Bourne's namely BRILLIANT. Unknown if Renner is turning up but honestly the trailer looks so great I don't even care!


Thats right kids Astronaut Scott Kelly hosted a Superbowl party in space. TOO COOL SCOTT

So guys hope this cheers you up!!

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