Wednesday, 24 February 2016


So this week we go back to the documentary world in a way! Well this one is part documentary part dramatisation of the life of a women who was found dead in her flat 3 years after she had died. 

Dreams of a Life
Dir: Carol Morley

How could one woman be dead for three years and no one know? That is the premise of this heart rending true story of a woman who just fell off the map. Zawe Ashton plays Joyce in the dramatised scenes and as usual she steals the screen. The heart of it though comes through the interview scenes where people from Joyce's life explain what was going on. In the end though the crux is that just before christmas 2003 this vulnerable woman died and no one knew until 2006. A truly heartbreaking but very important study of loneliness and grief.

So whats next guys? Any good recs for me??

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