Wednesday, 17 February 2016


So this week we've gone all continental!!! This week is a french piece. I have been meaning to watch more foreign film but at the moment i haven't been able to deal with the subtitle situation but now my brain is working more like a standard brain and is letting me watch them!

Bright Days Ahead
Director: Marion Vernoux
Firstly, If you love the humour of Grace and Frankie you are gonna love this film. Secondly it is profoundly refreshing to see a movie  focused on a woman's late life crisis rather than a mans. Caroline makes a ton of mistakes and she admits that and thats really really refreshing. As well as seeing real consequences. The plot is lovely as Caroline the retired dentist is given a free trial at a retirement day centre called "Beaux Jours" where they can do anything from Wine tasting to theatre to computing. That is where she meets her computing teacher who she starts a affair with. It's a great film with an ending that left me happily surprised. Also Caroline makes her own decisions and that makes me very happy.

Anyway guys that was the first non english language film of the Challenge! Any more suggestions? Anything at all?

Also I watched this on BBC Iplayer.

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