Monday, 29 February 2016


We are back for my second month round up! I am still sorting out what these are going to entail so if you want anything in particular featured here let me know!
anyway click below for the full roundup! 

Friday, 26 February 2016

The Big Short- No Sheldon in Sight

I have been planning on writing my The Big Short review for some time and have managed to get it up just before the Oscars! It's a great film. Go See it. But thats not my topic today, well it is. But you'll see!
Anywho last year one of the big awards contenders was The Imitation Game- a film I praised for its portrayal of Turing. Mainly for his portrayal of his suspected autism. Well sod it we have something better now but first I have to do a little bit explaining. 

Firstly I am bored to death of all these characters that are portrayed of having autistic featured but then the creators saying something ridiculously crappy like they don't have it because they are too dark, or that they have extreme empathy or that they have extreme control over them. (I'm talking Chasing Shadows, Sherlock that sorta thing) Having a learning disability or Autism shouldn't be a plot device and it pisses me off. I verge onto the spectrum and trust me I get super antsy about this. Characters like Sheldon Cooper upset me to no end because thats what people think i'm like and its really scary. 

So you can imagine seeing Christian Bale play Dr. Michael Burry my dander went up. I was very concerned that the trope was wearing its ugly head again. I can't stand the whole Ambiguous disorder trope but slowly I recognised something. This wasn't the general portrayal at all. This was refreshing. Burry didn't seem to fall in all the general troubled genius trope. This was no regurgitated Sheldon Cooper, this was more than that. 

So you can imagine the first thing I googled when I got out of the cinema was "Real Life Michael Burry". Yes he has Aspergers.He wasn't just the standard grump genius he really was on the spectrum and that means something.

In fact its what I took away from the film is for the first time there was a character on the screen who had the same thing I had and it wasn't the joke. It was just who he was.

So Mr Bale I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for not making your portrayal of Burry just another Sheldon Cooper. 

On the whole film front btw It's a great film and as usual I love a biopic so it scores highly for me on that ground too! Also go see it for Gosling with a perm and Selena Gomez explaining financial stuff. It's a great and vaguely scary watch.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016


So this week we go back to the documentary world in a way! Well this one is part documentary part dramatisation of the life of a women who was found dead in her flat 3 years after she had died. 

Dreams of a Life
Dir: Carol Morley

How could one woman be dead for three years and no one know? That is the premise of this heart rending true story of a woman who just fell off the map. Zawe Ashton plays Joyce in the dramatised scenes and as usual she steals the screen. The heart of it though comes through the interview scenes where people from Joyce's life explain what was going on. In the end though the crux is that just before christmas 2003 this vulnerable woman died and no one knew until 2006. A truly heartbreaking but very important study of loneliness and grief.

So whats next guys? Any good recs for me??

Friday, 19 February 2016

Florence Foster Jenkins 1st Trailer- Celebrate Awful singing

So I woke up this morning checked twitter and there on the Odeon account is a trailer for this new and great looking movie. A biopic of renowned awful opera maiden, florence Foster Jenkins. Youtube her she has some truly excellent pieces of awfulness including a brutal destruction of Mozart. It's great and a truly British bit of film making to celebrate her failures by means of a biopic starring Meryl Streep.

The cast including Streep looks truly excellent by the way! We have the lovely Hugh Grant who after his excellent turn in the criminally under-rated The Man from U.N.C.L.E is apparently leaving rom-coms for a bit to stay with more fun things! As well as MI:6 star Rebecca Ferguson also taking a role in this which makes think apparently the spies are all having some time off at present!

Most exciting though is the casting of Simon Helberg who has finally been realised as talented. I may hate The Big Bang Theory with a burning passion but I'm glad that this talent has finally escaped that fiery hell scape at least for enough time to make this movie! (watch his interview where he is with Conan doing Nic Cage impressions this man deserves more that TBBT seriously)

So will you be watching this movie when it comes out in cinemas? Any biopics of famously untalented people you wanna see? stick it in the comments below!!


Thursday, 18 February 2016

L'Etoile or GO SEE A OPERA

So if you like me stay up late at night on more nights watching Dave, you may watch a tonne of Mock the Week. If you watch the older ones you may notice a scrawny little skinny bloke with uncontrollable hair who my mum may or may not have had a small crush on. Anywho he, Chris Addison is currently starring in a three part opera called L'Etoile and it is fantastic!!
image cred: Bill Cooper
Anyway explaining the plot is near impossible so i'm going to allow the lovely Chris Addison and Jean-Luc Vincent to give it a jolly good try.

Anywho it breaks its own fourth wall. It dabbled mercilessly with Monty Python style imagery and razor sharp humour and adds in enough modern twists to make it topical too. Also there is a just lovely gag about the queen and some lovely subtitles gags. It's a really great piece entertainment and I feel incredibly lucky that me and my mum managed to snag tickets!

Anyway all of this beautifully strange oddness is brought to life by the extremely talented director Mariame Clement (yep, female director guys! one more reason to go see it!!) whose ingenious way of staging it and the addition of the characters Smith and Dupont make it even more fun!
Chris Addison has been saying that the opera isn't posh and he is completely right. It doesn't need to be. Anyone should be able to go and the misconception that it's expensive is wrong. Royal Opera House had tickets selling from £6 for this performance. The ENO does a similar offer.

Anyway this wasn't really so much of a review as a mix of praise and rant but hey I gave it a good shot!

Ok so the bad news is that as of Friday there will only be two performances left of L'Etoile so you'll have to see online if there are any tickets left. But most importantly if you do go, see if they ever find poor Smith's hat!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


So this week we've gone all continental!!! This week is a french piece. I have been meaning to watch more foreign film but at the moment i haven't been able to deal with the subtitle situation but now my brain is working more like a standard brain and is letting me watch them!

Bright Days Ahead
Director: Marion Vernoux
Firstly, If you love the humour of Grace and Frankie you are gonna love this film. Secondly it is profoundly refreshing to see a movie  focused on a woman's late life crisis rather than a mans. Caroline makes a ton of mistakes and she admits that and thats really really refreshing. As well as seeing real consequences. The plot is lovely as Caroline the retired dentist is given a free trial at a retirement day centre called "Beaux Jours" where they can do anything from Wine tasting to theatre to computing. That is where she meets her computing teacher who she starts a affair with. It's a great film with an ending that left me happily surprised. Also Caroline makes her own decisions and that makes me very happy.

Anyway guys that was the first non english language film of the Challenge! Any more suggestions? Anything at all?

Also I watched this on BBC Iplayer.

Saturday, 13 February 2016


So it's Valentines and here is a countdown 5 slightly unconventional romances to watch to celebrate it. Whether you are alone or with someone these make perfect viewing. ENJOY! We have everything from period pieces to Sci Fi in this little countdown so be prepared

5.A Little Chaos
Ok so technically not just a romance but also a badass story of a cool woman beating the status quo to make a kickass garden. Also falling in love and getting with the hot gardner architect man. Yeah its pretty great and supremely underrated. Last Film Alan Rickman ever directed too. Give it a go you won't regret it.

4.I Love You Phillip Morris

One of the best dark comedy biopics. It's just an excellent movie. Also watch for Nick Urat's song I cried like a silly Boy. It's perfect the film is great and is funny as well as being thought provoking. perfect viewing fodder.

Sci fi, Tom Cruise, Olga Kurlyenko, love this movie is everything you want for Valentines Day! The story itself is really cool, the love story adorable and Tom cruise is stunning as always. 

French speed typing rom coms are the only rom coms you should be watching! Populaire is a stunning and weird film all about Rose Pamphyle falling in love and becoming the best typist ever.

Ok so Beginners may not look like much but i'm telling you it's the movie to watch. It's beautiful, heartbreaking and poignant as well as genuinely disarming and fun. I love it to bits and the first time I watched it I cried.

What movies are you gonna watch this Valentines Day (apart from Deadpool ofc)?
Any of these tickle your pickle?

Anywho Happy Valentines Day Everyone may you get tons of flowers and chocolates

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


So this week we are going into a realm i'm not generally friends with... ROM COMS. Except this one is pretty damn great. Who knew?

Obvious Child 
Director: Gillian Robespierre
See I like the odd over the top sugar-y sweet rom-com. (27 dresses is my guiltiest pleasure) but honestly i get so bored of the genre. This one though is a lot nicer more modern and hits home a lot more than any rom com i've ever watched. Jenny Slate is a one to watch for her performance in this as is Gaby Hoffmann. This is lovely yet hard hitting film. Her stand up scenes where you could see right into Donna's heart just made this film so much more hard  hitting whilst not feeling preachy. I loved it.

So what next gang? Any recs??

Monday, 8 February 2016

A Monday Melange

Hi guys so I like to keep a vague list of fun upcoming things for Mondays going on a semi regualr basis to keep everyone cheery and bright, So here is this weeks Monday Melange to put smiles on your little faces!!

1. Deadpool is treating us!
TWO POST CREDIT SCENES GUYS!!! TWO. It's the best!!! I am just so grateful right now thank you lord.

2. Vogue is 100 years old!!
enjoy my collage of my fave vogue covers btw
I know right 100 years old and yet never out of style. I may not be a massive reader but I think that is very very cool. So happy centenary Vogue!!
they are having a exhibition over at the National Portrait Gallery so don't miss it! HERE

3. The Fashion Law dissects PopSugar's illadvised Article!
If you are in the mood for a long read this week may I bring you this interesting and well thought out rebuttal to an article praising the idea stealing used in Fast Fashion. It's well written and filled with tonnes of examples. I loved it and you will too.
Read it HERE

4. the 5th Bourne movie has a name and a trailer
Titles Jason Bourne, it;s looking as good as the other Matt Damon Bourne's namely BRILLIANT. Unknown if Renner is turning up but honestly the trailer looks so great I don't even care!


Thats right kids Astronaut Scott Kelly hosted a Superbowl party in space. TOO COOL SCOTT

So guys hope this cheers you up!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


So we are back to Documentaries again! I don't mean too but apparently I just keep queing them up on Netflix! T

Directors: Samantha Futerman & Ryan Miyamoto
This is a the most modern update of the split up at birth story I have ever seen. Telling the true story of Sam as she finds out she has a twin (Anais). It's heartbreaking and very very human. It;s a very different type of documentary to say Jesus Camp but that doesn't make it any less affecting. In fact it works very well as a character study on the two girls and a very good argument for nature and nurture.  The scenes in Korea were heartbreaking. An excellent documentary and a definite must-watch.

So what should I watch next week guys let me know in the comments below!!