Thursday, 7 January 2016

Peoples Choice Awards: Trophy Takers and Turkeys

The PCA's were a big mixed bag this year but I'm not here to give a rundown! I'm here to tell you the ones that surprised me, the ones that made me jump for joy and the ones that were downright disappointing. So without further a do welcome to Peoples Choice Awards 2016: Surprises, Stars and Sads!*


These are ones that genuinely confused me some for good and some for bad reasons. I'll tell you in the description so don't fret!

Favourite Voice Actress- Selena Gomez
I am super surprised with this one. The nominees were all pretty great (apart from Sandler being there but hey we can't get everything right?) I mean we had Poehler (Inside Out) , Sandra Bullock (Minions) andRihanna for (Home). Out of them I probably would have picked Rihanna or Amy although Sandra was great too (but she won fave movie actress so). But i'm not angry at this choice Selena has been through hell recently so i'm glad she won.

Favourite Cable TV Actor- Kevin Hart
I'm just super surprised he beat Christian Slater thats all really. Good on him for winning but I'm still confused that Slater didn't win. (also unrelated note why is it finding pictures of male actors they tend to have blank backgrounds whereas actresses are leaning by pools etc whats going on?)

Favourite Action Actress- Shailene Woodley
I'm not too upset about this one which is why Shailene is under a surprise. Because let's be honest I was rooting for Charlize here. I mean Scarlett was amaze in Avengers as per usual and Emily Blunt is excellent. But Charlize as Furiosa will go down in history. But Shailene is such a talent that I am happily surprised. Well done Shailene!

the one i am so proud of! Well done my darlings!!!

Favourite Sci Fi/ Fantasy TV actor- Jensen Ackles
YES! he is so terrifically under rated as an actor. He is always brimming with excellent performances on Supernatural and no one ever talks about it. You deserve the stars Ackles, The stars!!!!

Favourite Drama movie-The Martian
1. PCA's put in a better place than Golden Globes (The Martian is about as much as a comedy as I am a supermodel) Secondly give it all the praise it's a great movie.

Favourite Cable Tv Comedy- It's always Sunny in Philadelphia
I have such a soft spot for these unloveable fools. What can I say! plus unlike most of the big american comedies it's consistent and actually funny.

Favourite humanitarian- Ellen
DESERVED! Love you Ellen!!

Favourite New TV Drama- Supergirl
somewhere far far a way The spice girls are fistpumping and screaming GIRL POWER! and so am I. I'm so proud of this show!

the ones i didn't want to win, will dispute for ages and get slightly annoyed about.

Favourite Dramatic Movie Actor-Johnny Depp
Oh johnny. Oh why. Oh god why. why did you win seriously. 2015 has not been your year in fact the last couple haven't been great either.Let's have a quick retrospective to the bad roles from 2011 onwards we have POTC 4 which was a mess, you turned up in a Sandler mess, in gross appropriative action flop "The Lone Ranger", sci fi crap fest "Transcendence", you were in the massive flop Mortdecai for gods sake! Black Mass ain't great either. Why were you alongside the likes of Damon (The Martian, which he is absolutely perfect in), Smith, Tatum and Clooney and most importantly why the heck did you win? if you mess up the next alice in wonderland movie I will scream and scream till I make myself sick. 

The Comedy  movie section nominees
Geez 2015 was a crappy year for comedy apparently. Don't get me wrong Spy is excellent, Trainwreck is loved by many but seriously why in the name of all that is holy did Ted 2, The DUFF and Pitch Perfect 2 get involved in this. Pitch Perfect 2 wasn't good (and not a patch on the first), The DUFF was forgettable and Ted 2 is's Ted 2. There were much better comedies this year Why didn't you just nominate Alvin and The chipmunks and be done with it PCA's because i'm almost done with you. (here's the sad truth of my life though, i know i'll be back next year)

So guys what do you think agreements, disagreements?

*also thoughts on new award season coverage format. This was the tester before the big shows coming up so be super honest with me if you don't like it or you'll be plagued with Surprise, Star, Sad all award season!

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