Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lume is the most adorable point and click ever!

Firstly sorry I haven't been around much. SFF will be starting up again shortly but family problems have really thrown me out so I swear i'll keep you posted. Secondly I didn't pay for this game I got it free from the Starbucks App of the week thing so take that into account ok.

Anywho anyone who knows me knows my taste in games and apps is quite simple either the batman games, something nice and gory or puzzle games. I am a huge sucker for a good puzzle game. Inspector Layton games being my absolute favourite. Seriously I played those games religiously for years and I even played the follow up Layton Brothers. (which by the way is good too) but anyway after running out of the free levels for Layton brothers and not fancying to cough up for the next ones yet I was looking for a new puzzle game.

Lume definitely hit the spot. It's not based on crimes or mysteries but on a much cuter idea. Little girl Lumi goes to visit her grandpa only for him to be missing and the power to be out, he has left a note to tell her he's in the city and can she figure out whats going on. Anyway what follows is a really fun and interesting short game. You do all sorts of little challenges it really is great.

Our female protagonist is clever, talented and brilliant and it always makes me happy to see cool girl protagonists. If you have small daughters /cousins etc Show them this!

What is particularly great however is the art style. It was made with paper and real miniature lights and it looks really unique. It's hard to describe so please watch the trailer.

The only downside is this film is super super short. But that doesn't really matter when you know there is the much bigger sequel Lumino City available!

anyway will you be playing Lume? Got any good game apps to tell me about (preferably free)?
let me know in the comments below!

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