Thursday, 7 January 2016

Let's take a look at the BAFTA Rising Star Nominees

from BAFTA's twitter account
So the nominations for EE Rising Star at the BAFTA's have been released. As usual there has been some interesting discussions around it. In the past the award (under a different name) has been given to such stalwarts now such as James Macavoy and Eva Green. Nominees have included oscar winners Lupita Nyong'o and Eddie Redmayne.

As usual there are the comments that these people have been picked up too late which I disagree with i mean yes some of them have been around a while but that doesn't mean there careers had been as big as they ad been now. Rising Star means to me less of becoming known rather than rising to household name status, so without further a do let's look at our quintet.

Bel Powley 
Brit's will know Bel as Daisy Miller in CBBC series MI High where she played Daisy. Last year however was really her year starring in two big films: A Royal Night Out and the critically adored "The Diary of a Teenage Girl", where she starred alongside Kristen Wiig. A Royal Night Out is currently available on Netflix UK and is well worth a watch.
Overall Bel seems a pretty strong contender and let's hope 2016 is just as good to her as last year was!

Taron Egerton
Taron has made quite a clear mark on the world of film already starring in Testament of Youth, Kingsmen and Legend. Plus his film about Eddie the Eagle starring him and Wolverine himself is coming out soon. Along with sequel for Kingsmen in the works, he's pretty busy too. I have had such a soft spot for him since I saw an interview with him on the tour for Kingsmen. He seems like a nice lad.

Dakota Johnson

Now i have a soft spot for Dakota after fifty shades everyone and there aunt have been throwing all sorts of nasty words about her but she is defying all of them. She is a really decent actress and seems absolutely brilliant, she too as you may have guessed has had a great 2015.In the past she was in such hits as The Social Network and 21 Jump Street and whilst she may be stuck in the mire of a crappy and super gross franchise she is defying her critics by being amazing in so much more.  She has been in Johnny Depp gangster biopic Black Mass, in Swinton's A Bigger Splash and is about to have a movie out with comedy darling Rebel Wilson. She also just spoke out against Hollywood ageism. 

John Boyega
The force is strong with this one! Ok, I'm sorry but i couldn't resist. We all know John as Finn in freaking amazing Force Awakens.  He also in criminally underrated Attack the Block and excellent TV movie The Whale. He also does the best Pinocchio from Shrek impression ever. Also he too seems incredibly endearing.

Brie Larson
I have always loved Brie. Since her being in Scott Pilgrim versus The World as Envy Addams. Starred alongside the likes of Jessica Lange in The Gambler and received tons of praise fore performance in the excellent Short Term Twelve. Now she is up for all sorts for her portrayal of a trapped mother in Room.

So who do you want to win? Anyone you feel should have been nominated?
Let me know

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