Wednesday, 20 January 2016

52 FILMS BY WOMEN- Week Three

This weeks film is a documentary because I fancied something a bit different also this has been on my To Watch list for ever.  

Jesus Camp
Directors: Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady
This is one slightly creepy documentary. Unearthing the true and unsettling events that take part in a Evangelical bible camp and it's not that anything illegal happens just pure and simple creepiness. Everything from the earnestness of the kids. The happiness of the people who work their and the great big smiles on everyones faces makes it seem utterly creepy. Most creepily the children being driven to tears is disturbing. Not an easy watch but definitely an interesting one.

So come back next week for WEEK 4 

also it's my first week back at uni so the next few weeks may be a bit slow on the updates so you know the drill.

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