Wednesday, 27 January 2016


So last weeks was a serious and creepy documentary, so this week it was time for some comic book fun!

Tank Girl
Directors: Rachel Talalalay
Now I wish I had watched this sooner because this is some of the best silly fun you can ever have in movie form. 
One it is an incredibly feminist girl post apocalypse story and I am so here for that. 
Two Malcolm McDowell plays worlds most campiest villain and succeeds in a way only he could.
 Three Lori Petty would have made a perfect Harley Quinn and Four Naomi Watts continues to be someone I would love to have a pint with. 
Also Tank girl and Jet Girl's friendship is too good for this world, too pure. Ok so this film isn't perfect but it sure is great. I recommend it just for the fun factor.
and the big honking dance sequence.

so what next? any female directors I should keep an eye out for on my netflix queue? 
let me know in the comments!!

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