Sunday, 31 January 2016


Soguys for the first time ever I have decided to try and do a roundup of every month on this blog (probably not Dec though) I thought it would add more substance to this bad boy!

So without further a do

Friday, 29 January 2016

Short Film Friday: The Boy with a Camera for a Face

A heartbreaking, beautiful and throughly strange modern fairytale from Spencer Brown. Just the perfect thing for your Friday! A scary yet beautiful story experience it completely fresh for the best viewing.

as usual full short under the cut

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


So last weeks was a serious and creepy documentary, so this week it was time for some comic book fun!

Tank Girl
Directors: Rachel Talalalay
Now I wish I had watched this sooner because this is some of the best silly fun you can ever have in movie form. 
One it is an incredibly feminist girl post apocalypse story and I am so here for that. 
Two Malcolm McDowell plays worlds most campiest villain and succeeds in a way only he could.
 Three Lori Petty would have made a perfect Harley Quinn and Four Naomi Watts continues to be someone I would love to have a pint with. 
Also Tank girl and Jet Girl's friendship is too good for this world, too pure. Ok so this film isn't perfect but it sure is great. I recommend it just for the fun factor.
and the big honking dance sequence.

so what next? any female directors I should keep an eye out for on my netflix queue? 
let me know in the comments!!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Lume is the most adorable point and click ever!

Firstly sorry I haven't been around much. SFF will be starting up again shortly but family problems have really thrown me out so I swear i'll keep you posted. Secondly I didn't pay for this game I got it free from the Starbucks App of the week thing so take that into account ok.

Anywho anyone who knows me knows my taste in games and apps is quite simple either the batman games, something nice and gory or puzzle games. I am a huge sucker for a good puzzle game. Inspector Layton games being my absolute favourite. Seriously I played those games religiously for years and I even played the follow up Layton Brothers. (which by the way is good too) but anyway after running out of the free levels for Layton brothers and not fancying to cough up for the next ones yet I was looking for a new puzzle game.

Lume definitely hit the spot. It's not based on crimes or mysteries but on a much cuter idea. Little girl Lumi goes to visit her grandpa only for him to be missing and the power to be out, he has left a note to tell her he's in the city and can she figure out whats going on. Anyway what follows is a really fun and interesting short game. You do all sorts of little challenges it really is great.

Our female protagonist is clever, talented and brilliant and it always makes me happy to see cool girl protagonists. If you have small daughters /cousins etc Show them this!

What is particularly great however is the art style. It was made with paper and real miniature lights and it looks really unique. It's hard to describe so please watch the trailer.

The only downside is this film is super super short. But that doesn't really matter when you know there is the much bigger sequel Lumino City available!

anyway will you be playing Lume? Got any good game apps to tell me about (preferably free)?
let me know in the comments below!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Death and Bladerunner: thoughts

So this time i'm off talking about one of my fave heartbreaking films "BladeRunner".  I watched it with an old friend recently who I hadn't seen in years and years and the results were interesting.But it just made me think why did I find Roy Batty's death so upsetting so I decided to work it through here.

So i have watched it with people before in my old media class and when people called Roy Batty "the evil blonde guy", I wanted to punch them because I don't think he's evil(or if he is, he isn't the main evil). In fact the real villain could be seen to be either Time itself or if we had to put a character on it, it would be Tyrell. It's the Frankenstein's Monster situation again. Yes the monster is monstrous but the real monster is who created him. Tyrell expressly limited the lives of the Nexus Replicant's because of their emotions. It's cruel and kinda meaningless. Surely there would have been better ways like just befriending them or treating them like people.

Thats probably why Tyrell's death whilst shocking doesn't feel like an evil act but a desperate one. Bare in mind at this point Roy knows he is on a really tight schedule as soon as he walks in he hopes he and Pris can be cured so they live longer. he literally is running out of time, He dies not long after wards. Everything has just been taken from under him: he's lost the others leaving him just with Pris, Priss and him are just about to die, he's realising at this point what this entails. JF Sebastian sees him like a computer and whilst JF seems pretty happy with his lot in life even though he's going to die young, Roy certainly isn't.

Tyrell's false platitudes about candles and his condescending attitude always annoyed me.Therefore his death isn't sad or even that poignant, it's bitter. Because in the end Roy just wants his team to live and what is a more human thought than that. Thats the true crux of it, Rachel illustrates it better but in the end they are machines that are more human than human and in Roy Batty's last moments he proves that.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

52 FILMS BY WOMEN- Week Three

This weeks film is a documentary because I fancied something a bit different also this has been on my To Watch list for ever.  

Jesus Camp
Directors: Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady
This is one slightly creepy documentary. Unearthing the true and unsettling events that take part in a Evangelical bible camp and it's not that anything illegal happens just pure and simple creepiness. Everything from the earnestness of the kids. The happiness of the people who work their and the great big smiles on everyones faces makes it seem utterly creepy. Most creepily the children being driven to tears is disturbing. Not an easy watch but definitely an interesting one.

So come back next week for WEEK 4 

also it's my first week back at uni so the next few weeks may be a bit slow on the updates so you know the drill.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Happy Monday after a awful last week!

So last week was horrible two legends died and I just couldn't blog much. I was just exhausted so this week I thought I'd kick off with some happiness.So see are 5 happy things that have happened that have put a massive smile on my face!

1. Lana Wachowski for Marc Jacobs
Ok this put such a massive smile on her my face. 
Lana and her brother Andy have made some brilliant stuff including their show Sense8 which is coming back for another season. It's great to see her in a fashion campaign that doesn't feel forced or"edgy". she just looks so darn happy. she's such an adorable pixie.
more info on this story on Dazed

2. Derek Zoolander for Vogue
BLUE STEEL! Actually all the photos are freaking brilliant you'll have to go look on but it is so worth it!  Also Penelope Cruz looks amazing here.
more on this at

3. I watched "Slow West"
Probably the best film I have seen in ages. It's absolutely gorgeous enchanting and just about perfect. I mean honestly we need to watch Director and writer John Maclean like a hawk because if this is his first film we are going to get some more beautiful things out of him! I'm calling it out now he may just be the successor to Wes Anderson's whimsical crown.

4.Suicide Squad got a pretty poster!
Look at it! Look at it! So bloody cool and pretty. When I was 14 I would've bought a t-shirt with these on. Also the Joker's poster has Batman's symbol for his mouth. I mean seriously!

5. Labyrinth special showing
A light in all this darkness, Odeon have announced they are doing charity screenings of Labyrinth with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK. 
I sadly can't go but I encourage you to so heres the link for booking and details.

So there we have it gang 5 reasons to be cheerful!

Thursday, 14 January 2016


So Women in Film Los Angeles has one heck of a challenge for us this year guys! Watch 52 films directed by women! One a week! I have joined will you?

After this they will be posted every wednesday.

Monday, 11 January 2016

RIP David Bowie

So today is the day we lost the faerie king David Bowie himself. and it's hard to express into words losing someone who was both an idea and an icon. So instead heres my favourite Bowie quote in gif form. for those wondering the golden globes round up will be done later in the week. this is much more important!!
and thats all the words i have
and so it is with weary heart I leave you with my favourite song from Labyrinth 

Bowie you were and will always be a legend

Friday, 8 January 2016

Short Film Friday: Sugar Coated

So it's the first Short Film Friday of 2016. Let's do a documentary and learn things. And today we are learning about Lolita Fashion in Sugar Coated. This documentary by 72U follows four lilt's from quite diverse backgrounds and investigates their love of the fashion and what it all means. It's interesting, beautiful and captivating. In fact of some reason it reminds me an awful lot of Sophia Coppola's work. It's really interesting to see the community of Lolita's and the changes knowing and participating have caused in these people. It's a truly excellent Documentary.
key quote "if you love it just be true to yourself and forget about those that hate it"-Julie

full film is at this link

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Peoples Choice Awards: Trophy Takers and Turkeys

The PCA's were a big mixed bag this year but I'm not here to give a rundown! I'm here to tell you the ones that surprised me, the ones that made me jump for joy and the ones that were downright disappointing. So without further a do welcome to Peoples Choice Awards 2016: Surprises, Stars and Sads!*

Let's take a look at the BAFTA Rising Star Nominees

from BAFTA's twitter account
So the nominations for EE Rising Star at the BAFTA's have been released. As usual there has been some interesting discussions around it. In the past the award (under a different name) has been given to such stalwarts now such as James Macavoy and Eva Green. Nominees have included oscar winners Lupita Nyong'o and Eddie Redmayne.

As usual there are the comments that these people have been picked up too late which I disagree with i mean yes some of them have been around a while but that doesn't mean there careers had been as big as they ad been now. Rising Star means to me less of becoming known rather than rising to household name status, so without further a do let's look at our quintet.

Bel Powley 
Brit's will know Bel as Daisy Miller in CBBC series MI High where she played Daisy. Last year however was really her year starring in two big films: A Royal Night Out and the critically adored "The Diary of a Teenage Girl", where she starred alongside Kristen Wiig. A Royal Night Out is currently available on Netflix UK and is well worth a watch.
Overall Bel seems a pretty strong contender and let's hope 2016 is just as good to her as last year was!

Taron Egerton
Taron has made quite a clear mark on the world of film already starring in Testament of Youth, Kingsmen and Legend. Plus his film about Eddie the Eagle starring him and Wolverine himself is coming out soon. Along with sequel for Kingsmen in the works, he's pretty busy too. I have had such a soft spot for him since I saw an interview with him on the tour for Kingsmen. He seems like a nice lad.

Dakota Johnson

Now i have a soft spot for Dakota after fifty shades everyone and there aunt have been throwing all sorts of nasty words about her but she is defying all of them. She is a really decent actress and seems absolutely brilliant, she too as you may have guessed has had a great 2015.In the past she was in such hits as The Social Network and 21 Jump Street and whilst she may be stuck in the mire of a crappy and super gross franchise she is defying her critics by being amazing in so much more.  She has been in Johnny Depp gangster biopic Black Mass, in Swinton's A Bigger Splash and is about to have a movie out with comedy darling Rebel Wilson. She also just spoke out against Hollywood ageism. 

John Boyega
The force is strong with this one! Ok, I'm sorry but i couldn't resist. We all know John as Finn in freaking amazing Force Awakens.  He also in criminally underrated Attack the Block and excellent TV movie The Whale. He also does the best Pinocchio from Shrek impression ever. Also he too seems incredibly endearing.

Brie Larson
I have always loved Brie. Since her being in Scott Pilgrim versus The World as Envy Addams. Starred alongside the likes of Jessica Lange in The Gambler and received tons of praise fore performance in the excellent Short Term Twelve. Now she is up for all sorts for her portrayal of a trapped mother in Room.

So who do you want to win? Anyone you feel should have been nominated?
Let me know

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sherlock is back, brilliant and gone again!

Sherlock is a divisive bit of telly. It probably doesn't help that its not made very often but never the less it's incredibly popular and i must confess for all its faults it is beautifully entertaining television. The last season may have been a bit fluctuating but this time it's back, Victorian and all sorts of fun.
So instead of a full review I thought i'd give five points about it.