Friday, 18 December 2015

Short Film Friday: Just Me in the House by Myself

Ok so it's the first episode in a web series but shhh it's a short so it counts today. plus today is christmas jumper day and you'll understand why thats important in just a second. Plus if there is anything that has ever become relevant for my blog it's this.

Got a clue who that is yet?
find out under the cut!

YEP It's Kevin McAllister everyones favourite Christmas jumper wearing child has grown up and boy is he maladjusted. (also Home Alone is 25 years old which is weird as hell i talked about that here)
Basically I can't even begin to tell how absolutely brilliant this is. Like seriously it is just. I cannot even deal with it's brilliance
If you were wondering Kevin is still terrifyingly resourceful.

because as per usual everything in life wants to plan me the link is here as embedding is disabled
(one day i will rant so much about this but until then!)

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