Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Eating the Future with Crobar

A while ago I watched a youtube video by BuzzFeed all about taste testing food of the future. One of them in particular caught my eye, Cricket flour. Roasted crickets ground down in a powder to be used as a flour in things such as pancakes. So I jumped* at the idea when I was offered four bars from Christine Spliid from Crobar, two peanut flavour and two cacao.

Crowbar is a new type of energy/ cereal type bar using cricket flour for protein and are completely soy/ dairy and gluten free with no added sugar.I have to be honest, at first I may have balked at the idea of eating crickets. But then I thought "What Would Spock Do? Spock would eat them, Spock would find not eating them illogical. So trusting Spock (as one should) I took my first bite of the crowbar / the future.

The future tastes pretty nice.The first one I had a quick go at was the peanut. It was quite a big surprise as it wasn't a peanut butter or peanut flavour but actual peanuts. It was lovely tasted lovely and peanut-y, the texture is a lot nicer than i was thinking it would be. My little brother even liked it and he is a very very fussy eater.
The second one I tested was the cacao one. This one smelt pretty amazing and the taste certainly lived up to that. The texture is still a bit odd like the first one but this one seems a lot richer. I don't think i could eat a whole bar unless I was super hungry!

Overall if this is the future sign me up!! I can't wait maybe this time the future will come with pretty proper working hover boards too!

You can buy crobar at

* i was going to post this before christmas but I didn't want it to get lost in a sea of Blogmas posts!


  1. Very interesting! Never in my life would I thought of using crickets as an alternative to soy and dairy!

    1. it's for protein you can use the flour with a mix of normal flour for cooking purposes to up your protein intake

  2. Oh wow I'd never heard of this before so you've definitely surprised me. To be fair I'd probably give this a go even if the idea makes me feel ever so slightly squeamish! x

    1. apparently its coming up as a form of protein but i'd only hard of it from buzzfeed! trust me you can't taste anything weird about them. and don't worry you can't see that its made of bugs!!