Tuesday, 8 December 2015

blogmas. A Very Murray Christmas

So tonight I finally sat down and watched "A Very Murray Christmas, I smiled all the way through and I'm still smiling now. It's a cute, bittersweet and strangely meta take on the standard Christmas variety show and it really shines.This is the first holiday special I have reviewed this year!  I'm so glad netflix gave us this as a beautiful christmas gift!
The cast is stellar and of course it is directed by Sophia Coppola! With Bill Murray as it's lead it was never gonna be in trouble in terms of epic casting and it does not disappoint. Silver fox Georgre Clooney slinks his way into the action, Maya Rudolph sings beautifully, Rashida Jones is adorable, Jason Shwartzman is a dweeb, Chris Rock escapes a hideous and painful duet and Miley Cyrus belts out Silent Night like a boss.

The story is kinda compelling too. SUMMARY: Bill Murray is stuck with hosting duties of a christmas live show due to a massive storm shutting down NY. Left with a vaguely scary pair of producers and Michael Cera being a total douche Murray tries to savour it until he finally is feed of his contract. oh and songs! The plot however is pretty inconsequential towards the end where it just becomes full of pretty christmas-ness.
Netflix continues to grace out screens with beautiful content and this is no exception. It truly is the perfect christmas farce. Give it a watch.

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