Friday, 4 December 2015

BLOGMAS: Short film friday: Once and forever

So ok not technically Christmass-y but it's gonna have to count for today!!!
They released it in December ain't that enough for you people!!!
Chanel just released a short film starring Geraldine Chaplin, Kristen Stewart and directed by Karl Lagerfeld and if you are looking for opulence in your festivities. Well I have it in spades. It's a bout a production of a biopic of Coco Chanel's happiest days. however its fraught by problems by Stewarts character not liking the director having loud outburst but is saved by just happening. The plot ain't important this ones all about the visuals and boy are they mighty fine. I may not like the fashion world at all but my eyes sure like the bits of fabric!

MERRY 4th!!
as usual well not completely as embedding is off but the link is under the cut

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