Sunday, 20 December 2015

blogmas: #ldnsecretsanta

photo taken by BlondeVision edited by me
Hey guys i've been talking about this for a bit but now I can finally post about  which was hosted by the lovely BlondeVision! It was such  great night and I made some friends and met some real amazing people! plus i ate tons of sugar-y food which is always a plus!!!!

so take a look under the cut!!!

This post is in like three parts because it's easier!!

1. The event and the people!!!
german woman eating sausage and Becky Bedbug and friend!
It's always lovely to go up to Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland! I turn up early and accidentally in the complete wrong bit where i met the lovely Hannah and then Lauren. Thats where we ended up going off around to a bavarian style bar to eat for the full set of 20 bloggers to turn up! It was amazing to meet everyone! and I hope to see them all again!!!
Blonde Vision in Mr Foggs

When it was pressie giving time I received this almighty stack of pretty well wrapped gifts! Isn't it lovely!! The budget was £10 so I was surprised to get so much!! I bought a gift for someone too but I never named myself if you wanna know who i bought for comment and i'll tell ya!  Well if you are wondering what was in this almighty stack, here ya go!

I got one pack of yummy lindors, two gorgeous notepads and a pack of multicoloured pencils. I don't know who you were Secret Santa but I love you!!!!

3. Pictures and Aesthetic Goodness
and now for some winter wonderland pretty
I always get Lost Boys vibes from these things you see what I mean.
see kinda Lost Boy's-y and pretty. this looked so cool


Pretty top hat light inspo from Mr Foggs!!!


literal rotating carousel bar, get drunk and rotate at the same time

double level carousel just like in the lost boys. I"M IN LOVE

So there we are guys! that was my first bloggers meet up and it was amazing. I hope to see you all again soon!!!!!

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