Saturday, 19 December 2015

blogmas: Christmas whilst Dyspraxic

So guys I thought it would be nice to have a quick article of five easy tips to survive christmas when your dyspraxia/ your executive dysfunction is getting to you and you feel super overwhelmed.
1. when buying and wrapping presents do it in bits rather than all at once. When you have the energy wrap a few. Don't bother leaving it to the last minute it's way too stressful and it just sucks. wrap when you buy if possible. try doing a few a day. all mine are done currently i'm so proud!

2.Wear clothes that don't set off sensory things. you are around people more (i have family round) that tends to set off my sensory issues. so wear something comfy that you know won't irritate you.

3. you don't have to handwrite christmas card anymore! e-cards were invented for this guys don't worry about handwriting anything if you don't want to.

4. try and reserve yourself a space in the house to go if you feel overwhelmed. i prefer not to go in my room but into a different room because that makes me feel more motivated to come back to the christmas festivities but whatever works for you.

5.  if all goes wrong try this amazing self care interactive site its really helpful.

these are obviously just my thoughts but if you guys have any tips chuck 'em in the comments below

coming up: bloggers meetup post and I SAW STAR WARS!!

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