Sunday, 22 November 2015

Raspberry Finch Review!

So I finally have had time to write this! Back in October I nought some things from etsy store Raspberry Finch (HERE). It was a truly amazing and quick shopping experience and I recommend this store whole heartedly.
Under the cut is a full review and you can see my purchases!!]

So here we are I bought a total of two things.  A pocket mirror for my hand bag because I lost my old one and a keyring for part of my Dad's Birthday present.

Firstly shipping was super quick and didn't feel expensive at all. Like sometimes you can end up spend lots of money on Etsy just on shipping but this was a really good deal. They also came all done up in a adorable little stripy bag done up with a sticker. Also I got this lovely JK Rowling bookmark with my order.

Secondly actual purchases
So I bought two items (links to these items will be at the bottom of this post) a Oscar Wilde quote pocket mirror and a Tolkien keyring. Both items are seriously good quality and look really really good. 
better picture of mirror and my nail varnish!
The mirror is a perfect size for the pocket in my handbag and is really really adorable. Plus theres something quite cool about having a Oscar Wilde quote with me in my bag. Especially as old Oscar was quite the sarcastic man!!

So basically if you are looking for cute literary themed Christmas presents or stocking fillers The Raspberry Finch is the way to go! Everything is so cute and lovely perfect for the book lover in your life or just as a present for yourself! I will definitely be shopping there again!


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