Sunday, 25 October 2015

HALLOWEEN: Jekyll and Hyde

Hello Halloweenies!!! Welcome to the second Halloween post
So guys first post is a quick review/ talk-y thing about ITV's new Sunday teatime drama Jekyll and Hyde.
First thing the plot. This is building on the book so Jekyll/ Hyde's son/grand don/ whatever is the lovely Dr Robert Jekyll living in ceylon with his lovely foster family being adorable and sweet and cute af only to be called to London. Only Robert has a condition he gets super strong and angry and snarly so he takes special tablets. Anyway meanwhile Enzo Clienti burns the house in ceylon does a great evil performance and buggers off burning down the foster family. oh and there is a secret service who hire monsters to fight monsters. HELL YEAH 

So basically do you want a steampunk teatime but genuinely scary show. Well yeah welcome to Jekyll and Hyde!! It;s super good which is exactly what I expect from Charlie Higson. I'm interested to see where its going. But hyde had just made his first appearance so Robert maybe feeling quite ill for a while.

see you back here tomorrow for another Halloween post!!!

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