Saturday, 31 October 2015


It's the end of Halloween my pretties :( But anyway here is a documentation of me this Halloween!!

Friday, 30 October 2015

HALLOWEEN: 4 good movies for a night in

Today is just a kinda boring post I guess. 4 perfect Halloween movies for 2015. So in no particular order.
Donnie Darko
It's just one of the best movies period but it is a great halloween movie and if you don't like it then I seriously doubt your commitment to sparkle motion.

Interview with the Vampire
a sprawling gorgeous epic. I just cannot with how pretty this film is even though its kind of a cop out.

Nightmare before Christmas
I mean what were you expecting kids

Jennifer's Body
I just love this movie. It;s excellent and funny and super clever. I just think everyone should watch this every Halloween. 

HALLOWEEN: Short Film Friday: Jagger Sisters into the woods

So this HALLOWEEN themed Short film is a fashion film but I think its spooky enough to have as our Halloween short film. It's soundtrack is particularly creepy. So here is Jeurgen Teller's short film for Sonia Rykel.

because embedding is disabled link to the film is under the cut

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


So this weeks Wierdo Wednesday is pretty Halloween themed!!! It's one of my top five vampires, David from The Lost Boys.
Where is he from?:
The Lost Boys (1987) IMDB
Who plays him?
Keifer Sutherland
Why is he amazing?: 
David is an interesting one. He's one of the big bad in the film yet he isn't by the same token. In fact he is one of the many victims of Max. He's definitely the most interesting vampire of the lot though when you first see him on the carousel you can't take your eyes off him. he is stunning.


So today lets have a look at Gravity fall's terrifying Bill cipher opening for Wierdmageddon part 1. I think you'll like it guys

What do you guys think, Freaky enough or too scary??
I have to admit I love it so much!!!

Monday, 26 October 2015


I haven't done a pretty things post in so long. I apologise but here is a beautifully halloween themed one!
So in that lovely phot there is a few cool halloween-y bits I have picked up. From the left
Cat ears- gift, cool bat notebook- Ikea, LIPSTICKS Sonya Cosmetic lipstick in brandy Ice and Revolution cosmetics lipstick in Rebel with a cause and the revolution cosmetics Give them nightmare pallette which is stunning by the way. The shoe are really really awesome old premark boots that I bought these cool chevron laces for.
see aren't they pretty. They look so cool with these laces in which weree £2.50 from the V&A museum in London.

And here is my Halloween pretty aesthetic board!!
I think it gives the cool vintage aesthetic I was looking for whilst still being Halloween-y!
Any who Left to right
1. AHS Hotel, vintage postcard, The Tracate Middoth, vintage, vintage, The Sick Rose, vintage, Melanie Martinez, vintage, Gotham. ALL POSTCARDS HERE

So what do you think? What is your halloween aesthetic??

Sunday, 25 October 2015

HALLOWEEN: Jekyll and Hyde

Hello Halloweenies!!! Welcome to the second Halloween post
So guys first post is a quick review/ talk-y thing about ITV's new Sunday teatime drama Jekyll and Hyde.
First thing the plot. This is building on the book so Jekyll/ Hyde's son/grand don/ whatever is the lovely Dr Robert Jekyll living in ceylon with his lovely foster family being adorable and sweet and cute af only to be called to London. Only Robert has a condition he gets super strong and angry and snarly so he takes special tablets. Anyway meanwhile Enzo Clienti burns the house in ceylon does a great evil performance and buggers off burning down the foster family. oh and there is a secret service who hire monsters to fight monsters. HELL YEAH 

So basically do you want a steampunk teatime but genuinely scary show. Well yeah welcome to Jekyll and Hyde!! It;s super good which is exactly what I expect from Charlie Higson. I'm interested to see where its going. But hyde had just made his first appearance so Robert maybe feeling quite ill for a while.

see you back here tomorrow for another Halloween post!!!

Saturday, 24 October 2015


So It's officially time to go into Halloween mode over here at Tonight We Are Dinosaurs!!!

So last year i shut down this thing for a week and kept it creepy as fuck and this time we are doing it again!!

big spooky fun is here every day guys!!!!! 
not everything will be halloween-y there will be non halloween posts but mainly it's turning into Halloweentown round here
so to clarify you get one Halloween-y post a day (weirdo Wednesday and Short Film Friday both halloween themed) as well as anything else I fancy posting.
to sing us in here is Panic! at the disco with Emperor's New Clothes
for some reason embedding is not allowed so here's a screenshot and the link
but seriously it's prefect for halloween

Friday, 23 October 2015

Short Film Friday: Conventional

So Halloween week will officially be starting here probably tomorrow. So as a run up I welcome you to Karen Gillian's second directorial piece "Conventional".
I try and get a lot of female directors around here and so far I think i'm doing quite well especially with Short Films. couple that with the fact that Amy Pond has made a short horror film, well it was just begging to be featured here wasn't it. A story of a once famous horror film actress spiralling out of fame. Karen is incredible in it and I cannot wait to see her go behind the camera again.

full film under the cut

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


It may have escaped your attention but today is Back to the future Day so in honour of that
Marty McFly
Where is he from?:
The Back to the Future series IMDB
Who plays him?
Michael J Fox
Why is he amazing?: 
Marty is just kinda great. He's a slacker, scared of being as bad as his dad and inadvertently fixes everything. He is just really cool. he's pretty great with a guitar too

also check out and donate if you can to Michael J Fox's Parkinsons foundation HERE


Welcome to the future ladies, gents and everyone else! and a big old Welcome to 2015 to Marty McFly and Doc Brown!!

As I have hoped for the reaction has been super intense with loads of companies and ideas that were shown in Back to the Future 2 creating the products for today.

Here is Pepsi Perfect
this is my aesthetic right here
and here is the totally fabulous advert for it created especially for today along. (you could also get the product too if you were quick enough)

and of course Jaws 19


and now for the most important video to come out of today. Doc Brown addressing us!!!

I'm so glad this has all happened it's really fun to see everyone bandying together to make it as close to the movie as possible

any more you wanna show me guys? just let me know!!!

So enjoy the future guys!!!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


It's official boys and toys! we are 1 year old as of the 16th but i've been busy but any way. 
Tonight We Are Dinosaurs is officially one year old and I am so fucking proud!!
We've come along way guys from crappily worded posts about Pulp Fiction!!
So I promise you guys more reviews, BFI stuff coming up shortly, giveaways and much much more!!!
Let's hope for many more years to come!!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

An Interview with Oliver Howkins

So I've actually been keeping this quiet for a while it was meant to be posted in the summer due to the APUS (amersham pop up screen for those who aren't paying attention) having some difficulties. What was going to be a evening with this lovely lad got shelved but seeing as Oliver is a old friend I decided to salvage it and bring it for you guys exclusively.

Read on

Friday, 16 October 2015

Short Film Friday: More Women

This short film made by Alex Holder and Alyssa Boni for Elle Magazine may seem like a simple enough concept however this 46 second film shows that short simplicity is super powerful. By simply photoshopping men out of images and showing the sheer sparseness of who is left behind you see a full look at the lack of women at the top of the food chain. food for thought. plus the song is seriously catchy.

full short available under cut