Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wierdo Wednesday: Rick Sanchez

Rick Sanchez
Where is he from?:
Ricky and Morty IMDB
Who plays him?
Justin Roiland
Why is he amazing?: 
I know I have talked about Rick and Morty here before (HERE) and now i am half way through the second series I am back  to continue to wax lyrical about it because holy moly it is amazing.
But back to Rick. Amazing is a term that would not in anyway describe Rick Sanchez apart from in a sentence like "wow that Rick, is amazing at being an arsehole" or something along those lines. only he's kinda better than that and you can tell everyone including him knows it. He's an alcoholic pansexual genius that kinda needs to tone it down a lot only well the family take it all kinda too normally because they are a colossal mess too and don't even bat an eyelid anymore. 
Theory wise the theory that Evil Morty is Rick's original Morty is probably true because this Rick has been missing from Beth's life for 20 years and Morty is 14 so he couldn't have possibly raised him or even been there at all. 
Also he's kinda severely depressed and messed up and one of his many catchphrases means "i'm in pain, help me" in bird language. yeah. He's pretty much the definition of growing old disgracefully
 (and him and Grunkle Stan (ley) need to meet)
 He's kinda great though.
source: uk mix

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