Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wierdo Wednesday: Nurse Pam

Ny the way the fact that she is an M.Night Shymalan character comes down to something very exciting happening very very soon. but I can't tell you yet!!!
So without further ado take it away Nurse Pam!!!
Nurse Pam
Where is she from?:
Wayward Pines (IMDB)
Who Plays her?:
Melissa Leo
Why is she amazing?: 
So i've talked about Wayward Pines here before (HERE) and in short it's fabulous. it's also fabulous to see M.Night Shymalan back on his feet. This show proves his brilliance is back to stay and maybe that he should consider staying in TV-land for a while. it suits him. 
Anyway Nurse Pam is one of the best crafted characters on the show. She starts off as a your standard trope scary nurse and then slowly she becomes Ethan's friend and reveals herself to be one of the people saving everyone. She is badass older Katniss Everdeen and I will fight those who dislike her. Seriously, you will lose.

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