Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Songs to write sad scenes to

eh. i wanted a selection of sad/ melancholy stuff to listen to and now I'm giving it to you. It;'s pretty good to have sad music for when you are writing or at least thats what I do.

So I went for five

1. Sia- Big Girls Cry

2. Chaos Chaos- Do you Feel it

3. The Matches- The Barber's Unhappiness

4. The Civil Wars- Don't Go Without Me

5. Penny and Sparrow- Brothers

These are perfect for when you need to write something sad or if you just wanna get something off your chest and cry to sad music.

What are you faviorite sad songs?
 (one of them is Needle in the Hay for me, but that is just too emotional so i din't post it, i wanted to make you sad not break your hearts)

and after all that how about a fun thing
Here is Malala and Colbert playing card tricks on each other

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