Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Night at: The Visit

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Hello everyone I am very excited that I can finally tell you my biggest news and all about the most exciting event that has happened to me since setting up this blog! Last Wednesday I received a DM from Den of Geek informing me I had been invited (i applied on twitter) to see M. Night Shymalan's newest film, The visit at Picture House Central in London.  It was this Friday just been and it was amazing. Thank You to Universal UK and Den of Geek for making this possible.

aesthetically pleasing cinema boards are my life
Rest including SPOILERS under the cut (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

So after much deliberating as how to look both casual and vaguely put together enough to not look like i climbed straight out of a wheely bin. I wore Jeffery Campbell Charli C heels guys! I looked tall and sophisticated but my legs felt like crap the next day! I got to Piccadilly Station located the cinema (behind the Trocadero, corner of great Windmill Street) and I can't describe how gorgeous this  place is. It's  beautiful. If you have time visit there IT"S SO WORTH IT. So after hanging about, being given my ticket and meeting two new friends (Hi Tanya and V) we took our seats in what is a bloody big cinema with a curved screen and comfy if alarming-ly reclinable chairs.

a cheeky on the way to the station selfie

Oh boy guys if you were preparing yourself for a stinker of a film, you will be sorely disappointed because M.Night.Shymalan is back. He's back, stripped down (in a budget way not a sexy way)and delivering one hell of a film. He hasn't been this strong on films for a while and after a few stinkers people had pretty much thrown him out well he's back and boy is he good. The Visit is a phenomenal take on the horror film. Chilling/ funny and incredibly engrossing. I loved every single minute even if I was slightly perturbed to say the least.
SYNOPSIS: Becca (1 15 year old budding documentarian) and her brother Tyler (a budding rapper, his segments are hilarious) go to visit their estranged grandparents for a week to allow their single mum to go on a cruise with her love interest. They go on a train to a middle of nowhere town where they meet their lovely, cookie making, yahtzee playing, figures of the community grandparents. Until it all goes to hell in a hand basket.

The twist in this is so simple yet so bloody terrifying. It's literally one line thats flips this thing over from grandparents who are getting old to full on freak out and that one line is "________________"(well i wasn't gonna spoil the best bit). WELL SHIT. That scared the crap out of me.
It's a really good movie and a super huge surprise to me. I thought this would be alright not very good but a nice way to fill a evening instead it turned out to be one of the best and most inventive horrors I have seen in a while. This is all due to having young protagonists, Becca and Tyler are great characters and they act like real kids and I always prefer that.

It's a pretty perfect blend of horror, comedy and a smidgen of adorable. Basically even if i had to pay to go see this I would because it's a very good movie.

M Night Shymalan and a Jason Statham Enthusiast sit in front of a cinema screen
Afterwards the man of the hour (or 93 minutes if we are being incredibly pedantic) turned up. If you were wondering he's shorter than what you'd expect. He's also one of the most engrossing people i have ever listened to, He is incredibly passionate about his work and especially on this project.

I could type out every single thing he said which lets fact it would be utterly dull for the people that went and for you guys or I could just share with you his thoughts on horror films. "Horror films will always be a maligned genre" and explained this by saying it's where the studios put their new directors and how the medium become over saturated with awful over the top horror that the good stuff gets forgotten. he lamented how a horror probably wouldn't win an oscar and listed "The Babadook" and "It Follows" as his new favourites. I thought that was a pretty awesome observation. He comes across as pretty likeable as well. If you want to know anything else he said feel free to ask and i'll post more but my notes need serious organising.

So there we are. It was an incredible night one of the best I have ever had and a really great adventure. So thank You to M.Night Shymalan, the Universal UK team, Picturehouse Central and Den of Geek for this incredible evening

Probably un-needed PSA: I am not being paid by any of the above listed to write a positive review it was just a really good night and a really good movie.
BTW this was totally the exciting event I have been alluding to . Just in case you hadn't twigged that yet!

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