Monday, 21 September 2015


Movie: Marie Antoinette
So today I am done with being miserable. I am, it's dull as dishwater. I had a bit of a bad moment at the weekend and my brain likes to replay and replay it and i have decided to screw that and be happy. So welcome to an egotistical, silly and overly jovial post.
movie: The Fall

So lets have this fun in an organised way (and start with a happy mondays joke if you wish)  I might make this a feature actually probably not though. Anyway for the inaugural happy monday let's have some happy things.

I have made an aesthetic happy collage!!!!!!
i <3 BeFunky it's better than some others i have tried
PHOTO CREDIT TIME (top to bottom left to right)
1. Kaylah Hadlington, 2. Movie: The darjeeling Limited, 3. Asos x Walls, 4. Mint Design Blog,
5. BBC, 6. TV: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, 7. Life with the Crusts Cut Off, 8. Movie: The Man from U.N.C.L.E, 9. Kaylah Hadlington. 

Anyway that's made feel a lot better (i told you before I love a good collage!!!) so here's a song to play us out

Hope you guys feel happier! I certainly do!!!

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