Saturday, 26 September 2015


So today is Batman Day!!
Batman is one of the most loved superheroes of all time. Spawned some of the best (and worst, yes we are talking about you CLOONEY) movies and tv shows of all time.
Welcome to a quick batman celebration!!
5 of the best things about batman!  (some of these are cool character things others are me being superficial)

1.  Batman is selfless

In Batman Endgame 40 the most heartbreaking comic finale of all time. Batman sacrifices himself and stays with a diving joker in a collapsing cave to save Gotham and make sure he has crushed any further risks.

2. Batman has the best villains
art credit: Rick Celis
Batsy's villains seem to be one the main draws to Batman's universe. Gotham maybe one wacky place and it sure is packed full of complete and utter villains. The Joker of course being the best known example.

3. Batman has cool cars and excellent music!

Here's the Piano guys playing a melody of the Batman themes with three of the bat mobiles pretty cool right!!! Also Elfman's score for Burton's take on Batman is perfection and I love it immensely.

4. Batman has a badass logo
credit Cathyrn Lavery
Look at all these. They are all so pretty.

5. Batman actually gives two shits about gotham

just watch this and you'll get what i mean!

So what do you love about batman? put it in the comments guys!!!

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