Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tranquility and how to be calm

from Lana Del Ray's High by the Beach video

Firstly don't worry guys I'm not moving away from film just now. I just wanna open up a little bit and do some other stuff as well. It'll be a nice slow transition like ripping off a plaster. So i'm going to do a weekly lifestyle-y post just to test the waters. Tell me what you think.
calming colours and pretty things

Anyway today we are looking at calmness, how I get to sleep and some nice recommendations

Sleep is an evasive bastard but being still and calming down doesn't have to be. I am slowly living with the fact that for me getting to sleep is a nightmare but I have learnt how to calm down and thats what I'm going to try and explain right now.

WHAT YOU NEED (what is in the photo)
1. Heath and Heather's Chamomile and Honey tea. 
 I have serious hatred of herbal tea. I never thought it would work for me but this one is actually amazing. It works really well and actually tastes really good. My box of 20 was £2.99 at Holland and Barrett
2. Good Books
Try and read something before bed rather than watch something. I prefer to read funny books before bed thats why i've featured Jon Ronson's newest and most gorgeous looking book "So You've been publicly Shamed".
But i have also put two other favourites if you prefer historical why not try "The Life and Times of Eliza Rose" by Marry Hooper or if you'd rather some QUILTBAG goodness try the "The Two week Wait" by Sarah Rayner
3. screenless entertainment
bring back some pre-tech realness with a good game of Patience or play card games with friends. The one featured is my awesome vintage game of Rook.
4. A DVD (if you must)
If you really can't sleep or calm down try focusing on a film. it works well if you can't do anything else. The one featured is My Week with Marilyn

from "By the sea" 2015

So what do you think of the new blog developments and the post let me know.

This weeks song is
Sufjan Stevens- Should have known better

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