Friday, 28 August 2015

Short Film Friday: Apocalypse Later, Surf Now

So this weeks short film is really cool. It's a surfing go pro video as you've never seen before. The surfers have been mixed with special effects to give a cool surfing to the end of the world vibe. Perfect.

Full film under the cut

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tranquility and how to be calm

from Lana Del Ray's High by the Beach video

Firstly don't worry guys I'm not moving away from film just now. I just wanna open up a little bit and do some other stuff as well. It'll be a nice slow transition like ripping off a plaster. So i'm going to do a weekly lifestyle-y post just to test the waters. Tell me what you think.
calming colours and pretty things

Anyway today we are looking at calmness, how I get to sleep and some nice recommendations

Sleep is an evasive bastard but being still and calming down doesn't have to be. I am slowly living with the fact that for me getting to sleep is a nightmare but I have learnt how to calm down and thats what I'm going to try and explain right now.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Short Film Friday: The Little Girl and the Light

This weeks stunning short features a little girl trying to catch some light. It sound silly but it is pure magic. You'll love it.

Full film under the cut

THOUGHTS: I'm Bored of people ruining kids stuff

So this is a vague rant type thing about something thats just came to attention. It's about Banksy's Dismaland, it really come down to this statement: STOP TAKING THINGS FOR KIDS (PREDOMINANTLY YOUNG GIRLS) AND MAKING THEM DARK AND GRITTY.

Listen I understand the love for bringing back child-like things for adults, I do. I also believe that you can do that without turning it dark, gritty and frankly dull.

Dismaland is about as original as those tattooed disney princess shirts that do the round every couple of years but worse. I see those shirts worn by teenage girls and such that are having fun with their image and their identity. Dismaland is just an middle aged man's self confessed edgy fantasy. (BTW there are tons of posts going around about Banksy's work being gross as well so go seek them out)
The Lazy Oaf x Juju Jelly Kyra Sandal
There is certainly a rise in the love for typically childish things being brought back both in fashion and in most areas. I mean this is why we have entered "peak reboot" time. Everyone and their aunt is hankering back the days of youth. It's everywhere from the shoes we wear, to the proliferation of nostalgic t-shirts that you can now buy at Primark, to the music we listen (PC music, is the one to check out for that by the way, them and SOPHIE are behind that quite a lot) None of these are made gritty or darker in any way. They are fun and silly.
Singer Liz's video (produced by SOPHIE) for "When I Rule the World" bringing back Aqua style music

It's not like there aren't enough dark and gritty things for kids either. Let's look briefly at Roald Dahl's work. Thats pretty not Disney at all isn't it. Kids get punished for being prats, parents get punished for being prats. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is kiddy saw and yet it's still definitely for kids and adults. Thats why there was such a furore after this mess

Roald Dahl's work may not have as many female protagonists as Disney but I'd argue "Matilda" is a far more positive influence on little girls.

Some of it is dark and frightening but it still is unapologetically fun. Which is what I like about it and I guess where this rant ends. Why do we have to make kids stuff subversive all the time? why do we have to take little girls things (which aren't immune to criticism btw, ether are problems with Princess Culture but I'm not going into that now) and turn them into dark horrible versions of themselves? Stop turning things that are meant for children into nightmares just for shock factor! Come on it's dull now.

Basically don't spend your much earned cash going to Dismaland, go to the Roald Dahl museum or story centre. You are going to get more out of it and it will be a lot more fun.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Wierdo Wednesday: Naz Omar

Naz Omar
Where is he from?:
Vexed (IMDB)
Who Plays him?:
Ronny Jhuti
Why is he amazing?: 
In a show where everyone is playing dark humous this little nerdy forensic fella fits in perfectly. 

Friday, 14 August 2015

Short Film Friday: Last Days

In this harrowing animated short film Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow shows us the hideous truth behind the Ivory Trade.

watch the full film under the cut