Wednesday, 8 July 2015

We're gonna need a new Han Solo: here are 6 suggestions

So if you have been living under a rock you won't know that there is to be a new Han Solo origins movie directed by Lord and Miller (Jump Street and Lego Movie fame). It's gonna be great but the lovely Mr Ford as talented as he is cannot possibly play young him so here are a list of possibles.

possible nerfherder number 1.
Andrew Lee Potts
Famous for: Syfy's Alice, Primeval, By Any Means
Why Han?:
Lee Potts plays quirky goofball pretty well. He's already shown he can also be a great delinquent, he;s funny, got a great face and could really shine if given this role.

possible nerfherder number 2
Dylan O'Brien
Famous for: The Maze Runner, Teen Wolf
Why Han? 
O'Brien is currently pretty well loved among the teenage girl set, 
he has shown himself a bit of an action hero as well as being a bit of a goofball. He's a good fit.

Possible nerfherder number 3
Nicolas Hoult
Famous for: X men, Mad Max: Fury Road
Why Han? 
basically I saw him on Top Gear the in Mad Max and was instantly won over.

Possible nerfherder number 4
Taron Egerton
Famous for: Kingsman, Testement of Youth
Why Han?
I think that smile is enough of a reason don't you think?

Possible Nerfherder number 5
Zac Efron
Famous for: The Paperboy, HSM, bad neighbours
Why Han? 
Somehow I don't think people will agree but Efron is a good actor, he can do funny and i think he'd be badass in space.

possible nerfherder number 6
Rupert Grint
Famous for: Harry Potter, owning a ice cream van
Why Han?
I'm not really sure, I just have a hunch that he'd be great plus he is no stranger to big budget franchises.

So what do you think, who do you want to be Han???

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