Friday, 24 July 2015

Short Film Friday: Lovely Monster

"my name's Sophia and I'm a monster" is a cracking opening line. Lovely Monster is the story of Sophia, a young woman with a debilitating problem, she or at least part of her is a monster. She is kind and lovely but is then woken up by this creature. It's a fantastic little short.

full short under the cut

LOVELY MONSTER from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.

Director // Francesco Calabrese
Dop // Igor Frankheim (R.I.P.)
Editor // Walter Magri
Sound // Plus
CG // Mattia Bruno @Band
Music // Husky Rescue

Produced by Mybosswas in association with Claw Films & Entechne
"Lovely Monster" tells the true story of Sophia, a young woman dealing with a rare and very dangerous condition.

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