Monday, 6 July 2015

DISABILITY FEST- 1st July to the 31st

my contribution to Disability Fest

So last year Disability Fest began on tumblr running for the whole of JULY as a way of celebrating disabled characters in media, This year it's back and I think it is super important. On this blog I have already talked about some of the bits of my disability (here).

I hope everyone supports and contributes to the event guys. It's always great to see good portrayals of disabled characters.

So this month most posts will be disability related. Maybe not every single one but Wierdo Wednesdays, Short Film Fridays and others will certainly be included. Specifically for this occasion i have made another fotor collage because we all know how much I love making those.
From the top left
1. Furiosa- prosthetic arm from Mad Max: Fury Road
2. Mr Wrench- Deaf from Fargo (TV show)
3. Abed Nadir- Autism from Community
4. Jonathan Strange- PTSD from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
4. Deadpool, chronic illness, depression various mental illnesses from the Marvel Universe
5. Nan- Downs syndrome from American Horror Story: Coven
6. Hiccup- amputee from the How to Train Your Dragon Franchise.

Hopefully guys this will start you off. Feel free to list more of your favourite disabled characters in the comments.

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