Monday, 27 July 2015

Slice of Sunshine: A Summer movie list

So as I am away now until the 11th I thought I would ply your love and affection by giving you a list of fun summery films to watch in my absence. For all i know i will blog again in that time bit currently I just do not know so here we go, Summer in a dvd box set!!!
each one has a brief reason why its summer-y.


The sort of bittersweet movie that is perfect for those long summer days.

If you liked the one above you'll love this one. This is pure adorable but with a serious kick in the teeth. 

Lurid and obscene. it just screams summer as well as other things but yeah.

This time it's a vague road/ train trip with a difference. this movie is far too gorgeous.

This movie looks stunning. seriously summer in a bag.

So there we have it. enjoy yourselves kids. I'll be back soon

Friday, 24 July 2015

Short Film Friday: Lovely Monster

"my name's Sophia and I'm a monster" is a cracking opening line. Lovely Monster is the story of Sophia, a young woman with a debilitating problem, she or at least part of her is a monster. She is kind and lovely but is then woken up by this creature. It's a fantastic little short.

full short under the cut

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wierdo Wednesday: Brian Lackey

So if you haven't already, it's time for you to watch Mysterious Skin. It's heartbreaking, numbing and absolutely excellent. Main characters are both queer (Brian is Asexual, Neil is gay)
Brian Lackey
Where is he from?:
Mysterious Skin (IMDB)
Who Plays him?:
Brady Corbett
Why is he amazing?: 
Brian is a adorable boy, one of those kids that doesn't grow up. He has become obsessed with the fact that when he was younger he was abducted by aliens. Throughout the course of he movie you find out that he wasn't instead he was abused by his baseball coach. It's a heartbreaking realisation and the end sequence is truly heartbreaking.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Wierdo Wednesday: William Brandt

Ok so i'm a trenmedous dork and just watched Ghost Protocol and this happened. I apologise in advance for ridiculous behaviour over how adorable Jeremy Renner is in this movie. Also Simon Pegg in it too isn't that enough to make you love it.
William Brandt
Where is he from?:
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (IMDB) and up coming Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation(IMDB)
Who Plays him?:
Jeremy Renner
Why is he amazing?: 
Ok so at the beginning when you see Brandt, you think OH boy what a dork Renner's playing and then later on he's like BAM SURPISE BITCH i'm not a dork at all i'm a super cool arm breaking machine.  Yeah he's pretty much the coolest thing ever. 

Monday, 13 July 2015


So the trailer was released and it goes like this






oh and I forgot to mention



Friday, 10 July 2015

Short Film Friday: I'll be fine

I'll Be Fine is a short documentary about 19 year old Tim and his family. They struggle with Tim's autism as well as show a portrait of life with someone with a ASD. It's a great documentary and I thought it was perfect for Disability fest.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

We're gonna need a new Han Solo: here are 6 suggestions

So if you have been living under a rock you won't know that there is to be a new Han Solo origins movie directed by Lord and Miller (Jump Street and Lego Movie fame). It's gonna be great but the lovely Mr Ford as talented as he is cannot possibly play young him so here are a list of possibles.

possible nerfherder number 1.
Andrew Lee Potts
Famous for: Syfy's Alice, Primeval, By Any Means
Why Han?:
Lee Potts plays quirky goofball pretty well. He's already shown he can also be a great delinquent, he;s funny, got a great face and could really shine if given this role.

possible nerfherder number 2
Dylan O'Brien
Famous for: The Maze Runner, Teen Wolf
Why Han? 
O'Brien is currently pretty well loved among the teenage girl set, 
he has shown himself a bit of an action hero as well as being a bit of a goofball. He's a good fit.

Possible nerfherder number 3
Nicolas Hoult
Famous for: X men, Mad Max: Fury Road
Why Han? 
basically I saw him on Top Gear the in Mad Max and was instantly won over.

Possible nerfherder number 4
Taron Egerton
Famous for: Kingsman, Testement of Youth
Why Han?
I think that smile is enough of a reason don't you think?

Possible Nerfherder number 5
Zac Efron
Famous for: The Paperboy, HSM, bad neighbours
Why Han? 
Somehow I don't think people will agree but Efron is a good actor, he can do funny and i think he'd be badass in space.

possible nerfherder number 6
Rupert Grint
Famous for: Harry Potter, owning a ice cream van
Why Han?
I'm not really sure, I just have a hunch that he'd be great plus he is no stranger to big budget franchises.

So what do you think, who do you want to be Han???

Wierdo Wednesday: Toph Beifong

So as you know it's Disability Fest.

Toph Beifong
Where is she from?:
Avatar: Then Last Airbender(IMBD)
Who Plays her?:
Jessie Flower
Why is she amazing?: 
She's a blind badass, fights like a nutcase and is a master at earth bending. She's also just plain super cool.

Monday, 6 July 2015

DISABILITY FEST- 1st July to the 31st

my contribution to Disability Fest

So last year Disability Fest began on tumblr running for the whole of JULY as a way of celebrating disabled characters in media, This year it's back and I think it is super important. On this blog I have already talked about some of the bits of my disability (here).

I hope everyone supports and contributes to the event guys. It's always great to see good portrayals of disabled characters.

So this month most posts will be disability related. Maybe not every single one but Wierdo Wednesdays, Short Film Fridays and others will certainly be included. Specifically for this occasion i have made another fotor collage because we all know how much I love making those.
From the top left
1. Furiosa- prosthetic arm from Mad Max: Fury Road
2. Mr Wrench- Deaf from Fargo (TV show)
3. Abed Nadir- Autism from Community
4. Jonathan Strange- PTSD from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell
4. Deadpool, chronic illness, depression various mental illnesses from the Marvel Universe
5. Nan- Downs syndrome from American Horror Story: Coven
6. Hiccup- amputee from the How to Train Your Dragon Franchise.

Hopefully guys this will start you off. Feel free to list more of your favourite disabled characters in the comments.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

It's Alice's Day: How Frabjous!

Today is not just America's day, it's the day that Lewis Caroll took the Liddell's (including Alice) on a boat trip to a bridge in Oxford. In doing this he began telling the now immortal story of "Alice in Wonderland".  This year is its 150th birthday!!

Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favourite stories plus it has the coolest heroine in it ever. She's funny, gets into all sorts of mischief but she certainly gets to have one hell of an adventure and especially now thats a very rare thing to see.

There are quite a few adaptations of Alice that you could seek out today if you wanted to as well as just read the book or go to Oxford for the day. In Oxford they celebrate it every year.

So I have decided just to list 5.

1. The Disney Classic
Disney's 1951 animation of the classic tale has always been in the hearts of every child that has got to watch it. It's become famous for it's zany colours as well as the fact that it's one of the only adaptations to actually show Alice as a child. It's a great watch.

2. The Grown up Version
"Malice in Wonderland" is a strange little film. It's a ridiculous, kinda trip crime drama starring Maggie Grace and Danny Dyer yet you can't deny it has a certain charm about it. It's a pretty good movie but certainly not for kids. This is a movie for adults only especially after a few drinks where the plot holes won't bother you so much.

3. The First Film Adaptation
This version from 1903 is the first ever adaptation of the now classic tale. Directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow, it is still commented for it's special effects. It's a great little film however many parts of it are thought to be lost to time itself.

4. The Video game
American McGee's Alice has always had one hell of a reputation, the sequel only came out a couple of years ago but the first one is getting pretty old and yet it is still a game that most people remember. Scary and fun as hell.

5. Tim Burton's one
This is where you can track  my Alice in Wonderland obsession to. Tim Burton's lavishly generates film was also what made fall for Mia Wasikowska. Anyway this film has bad ass fight scenes, she gets to wear awesome armour and slay the jabberwocky. It's so cool.

Anyway there we go guys Enjoy Alice's Day.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Short Film Friday: Dawn

Dawn is a heartbreaking 1950's set short film directed by Rose Mc Gowan about a young girl who wishes to get out more and gets much more than she wanted. It's really really good and engrossing and certainly worth the watch.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell: The perfect drama

Sometimes a show comes along and takes your breath away, guts you and leaves you in a gasping heap lamenting the fact that its over. The newest one to add to that list of life-ruiningly good Dramas is "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. A adaptation of the novel by Susanna Clarke. It has just finished its seven episode run on BBC one and I have to say I loved every single minute.
Vinculus ( Paul Kaye) auditions for Magic Mike 3
Right a quick vague synopsis. An adorable puppy eyed man named Segundas (Edward Hogg) goes to The York Society of Magic (all gentlemen magicians, they are useless) to get the answer to an age old question, "why is there no magic done in England?". The answer is pretty darn complicated. In asking this question he is instantly hated by the society but befriends the equally puppy eyed Honeyfoot who by misadventure track down the thief of all the books of magic, Mr Gilbert Norrell, a grumpy magician in England with some very specific views on The Raven King. Anyway they persuade him to show his magic off at a price everyone in the society bar Segundas has to agree to never be magicians again. Meanwhile in a little church Jonathan Strange is being well strange, not yet magic he is far too busy flirting with Arabella, who could take him or leave him to be honest. Around the same time as all this Norell becomes famous and moves to London with his servant Childermass (oh boy oh boy, he's good on the eyes i'll tell ya now) where they meet Vinculus a street magician and resident wierdo that is saying odd stuff and then gives Jonathan Strange his first taste of magic. Things spiral from there and thats the first episode. Theres also some mean girls antics in society with the awful Drawlight and Lascelles, oh and dead ladies come back to life with missing fingers and fairies with serious eyebrows appear. Yeah, I think I covered it all.
My trash prince: Childermass (Enzo Clienti)
Anyway it's all about the revival of English magic in Georgian England, politics, sulky grumpy pretty people and lots of stuff really. Its so hard to explain it, I am just completely and utterly in love and i'm devastated that it is over. I should probably start with the title characters we have tiny Yorkshire grump, Gilbert Norrell (a magician that learnt it all from books, he isn't a natural like some people cough cough Jonathan Strange), he's played by Eddie Marsan who is flipping great btw. Then there is happy labrador Jonathan Strange, Bertie Carvel (also very much eye candy). An adorable little sod who after his Dad (spiteful git) freezes to death meets Vinculus and becomes one of the greatest magicians ever. Then of course there is Childermass, the pretty bloke who is the servant of Mr Norrell , sarcastic little shit and general grumpy creature and just the general Poldark of the show. Then theres the lovely Arabella (Charlotte Riley) or Mrs Strange who is absolutely perfect and excellent, all who talk ill of her will get hit. Then Lady Pole (Alice Englert) who is pretty darn cool and Stephen Black (Ariyon Bakari) become entangled with the Gentlemen (Marc Warren at his chilling best).
Intense concentration from human labrador: Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel)
The story is complicated but not in boring way. It's incredibly intriguing and lots and lots of fun. It never takes itself too seriously anyway for every moment of Norell harping on about proper magic theres Jonathan Strange conjuring horses out of horse sand and Childermass being a grumpy bastard in the background. The entire thing is work of beauty rivalling the aesthetic goodness of Hannibal and that is saying something. It also doesn't slack on messages Lady Pole is trapped and fights for emancipation as does Stephen Black.
Childermass and Norell casually bitching about Jonathan Strange, as you do
Like anything the devils in the details and this show is so incredibly detailed you would not believe. It requires several thousand rematches (of which I am already on my third) and the more you watch the more you see much like the more you read the book the more you find. I mean you could analyse this show for five years and still not be done.

covered in blood (his own) and still smouldering
So basically TLDR: This is tricking awesome. There is plenty to keep you entertained it's a beautiful show and if you aren't watching it what are you doing with your life. 
also rumours of the author writing a second one focusing on Childermass and Vinculus OH YES release it quickly so Enzo Clienti and Paul Kaye can play them again.